Drum & Bass blog of an underground DJ

New Blog!

Hi All,

This be my new blog! I’m an underground DJ and tech nerd based smack in the middle of the UK.

Im going to focus on my DJ and music side of things as much as poss. Im heavily into my drum & bass with splashes of dubstep and electro house so you can expect a good amount of that coming at you.

Its a big enough mission keeping ahead of one genre alone, let alone three! But im on it, and you can rely on this blog to bring you regular fresh helpings along with free mixes by myself and others.

As a start, head over to my new band page for a selection of my favourite current mixes: http://listn.to/howitzer

You can also follw me on twitter through my cheeky sidebar >>

And soundcloud! http://soundcloud.com/howitzer

Im also 100% into my DJ tech so you can expect new bits and pieces that break the mould and push things forward.

So bookmark me and keep on checking back!


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