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Theres a new underground night in Derby town!




Middle of every month the shakespere on saddler gate is playing host to some deep underground sounds. Everything from reggae to deep liquid dnb.

I popped along last month to check it out. A nice little venue for sure. The last time I went in there, there was a half pipe taking up all of the beer garden. this has since been removed and now theres plenty of seating, a large canopy and heat lamps to keep the punters happy. Theres a pretty decent sound rig there too, plenty of bass and of quality.

Best of all though, talking with the promoters, theyre a sound bunch of easy going peeps who are trying to keep the gig local. Good news for me, bad news for headliners. At least it’ll mean that the people who truly care about dnb and the underground scene will be there. Oh yeah, its a shit load cheaper too!
Blooms new facebook page is here: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002317043630

Go and check it out and come on down on the 15th july for a few pints and some proper music.


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