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Monday morning dnb

Last week Hospital records brought us a short film documenting their rise to the top and generally stroking their egos a bit. This week we get the compilation with loads of previously unreleased exclusives! I havent listened to it yet, but theres bound to be some dancefloor gold on this: Fifteen Years of Hospital Records

Critical music have also been putting out some top drawer dnb recently, their offerings this morning are big and tasty from the likes of Enei, Ulterior Motive, Phace, Jubei & Kasra. Really, it doesn’t get much bigger than this: Critical Presents: Sequence One

Also, critical’s sister label Critical Presents: Modulations have had a new EP out, its a week or so old, but definitely worth the attention of you minimal dnb headz Critical Presents: Modulations » Mortem » Get Close
Amoss is hitting us again this week with another EP under his belt, this guy just doesnt stop! He’s keeping it up with a consistent heavy sound and tight production though, can’t fault it! Buried Audio » Amoss » Rah Rah/Take A Side

Subtitles have also got some serious minimal business on the shelves from Xtrah, this shits deep n dark screwface material Subtitles Music » Xtrah » Arise

Also worth a mention, although released last friday, its a blinder of an EP from Neosignal. The last in the Energy EP series; Phace & Misanthrop – Whats Wrong / Spor – Out of Focus

If you want to buy this, I recommend buying from neosignal directly, its only £1.70 for the whole MP3 EP, unlike juno & beatport that’ll charge you that for one bleeding song.


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