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dnba awards 2011

Every year dnb arena puts out the call to arms to the community around its website to come and vote for their fave, the winners are listed below:

Best DJ
Andy C

Best Newcomer DJ

Best Producer
Camo & Krooked

Best Newcomer producer

Best MC

Best Newcomer MC

Best Track
Athys & Duster – Bar Fight

Best EP/Album
Camo & Krooked – Cross The Line

Best Label
Hospital Records

Best Event

Best Venue

Best D&BTV Live Set

Best Music Video
Camo & Krooked – Breeze Block

Hall Of Fame
DJ Friction

Personally, I think the best label, best event, best album and best producer should have gone to someone else.

In my opinion Hospital Recs havent had their strongest year. Maybe the biggest grossing, but not the best tunes. Best label should go to either Critical, neosignal or metalheadz. All of them have put out fierce tunes this year.

Best event would have to go to something I’ve attended. I must say that this years detonate festival was banging and the underground sounds in the basement were just my cup-o-tea. The vibe and attitude was top too.

best album. hmm. A toughie..

Probably cliche, but Shogun Audio Presents – Way of the Warrior. Closely followed by Critical Presents: Sequence One

Best EP is too hard for me to call on, my favourite changes every week.

Best producer would be Calibre.

Of course if you fancy a more qualified opinion, a proper survey on the undergound in fact, check the everyday junglist alternative dnb awards


One response

  1. bigheadmikelove

    What’s up Howitzer,

    Totally agree about hospital, they just have not been putting out much good music for the last few years… The best album this year is Seathasky’s record, but if I can pick a compilation then I’d have to go with Liquid Brilliant’s – Big Brilliant LP or Sun and Bass Selection 2011 both very good…. as far as the best ep of the year – mSdOs’ (who is putting out a tremendous amount of good music, kinda staggering how one guy can have so many sounds in his head) Future Music Greece…. I’m also going to call MSDOS the producer of the year, best track is really tough Maybe the Seba re… Best label may be Textures Music Group for the soulful stuff and probably RAM for the JumpUp/Neuro stuff…there’s just so much excellent DnB coming out, We are all Spoiled

    December 11, 2011 at 3:53 pm

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