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Friction to replace Fabio & GrooveRider on Radio 1!

Fabio and Grooverider have been radio1’s staple dnb DJ’s for the longest of times, 14 years in fact. Quite a shock then to hear theyve been axed in favour of Friction; Shogun Audio label owner who will take the 2am – 4am slot on Monday evenings as from April 2012.

Also Skream and Benga will be added to the lineup too, taking the Friday night 11pm-1am slot,

Big news for these guys then, and good news for us! Its good that radio1 can now stay totally current with one of the biggest heads in the industry pulling out the dirtyest dubs (we hope!), and hopefully bringing dnb back to the forefront of underground bass music culture.

Ben Cooper, Controller of Radio 1

It’s important that Radio 1 continues to develop new talent and the station keeps evolving for our young listeners. These changes to our evening schedule will strengthen the range and depth of the specialist music offering on the network.
[EDIT]: Friction has recently had an interview with the independent covering his new spot on radio 1, find it here

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