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Howitzer – Adrenaline

New mix up!

This one took a couple of attempts to get down proper, definitely worth the work though. I’m really happy with the result; a rollercoaster ride through liquid vibes into the dark depths of neurofunk and tech with the latest and greatest from the last few months and a couple of oldies here and there to bridge the gaps.  I hope you enjoy it 🙂


Peel Street – Octane
Together – Logistics
Be True – Commix
Babyfaced Battleaxe – Foreign Concept
The Fourth – Blu Mar Ten
Taken – Eastcolors
Is Anybody Out There – Bcee, S.P.Y.
Whisper – Blu Mar Ten
Since We’ve Been Apart – D Bridge
Get Close – Mortem
Winter in Sardinia – ArpXp
Voyager 2 – Heavy1
The Abyss (Original Mix) – Ford
The Rift – Jubei & Kasra
Micro Organism – Phace & Noisia
Take A Side – Amoss
What’s Wrong – Phace & Misanthrop
Contortion – Xtrah
So Close – Icicle
Obsession – Enei & MC DRS
Medellin – Spinline
Back In The Grind (Cern & Dabs Remix) – Octane
Freedom Of Filth – Phace
Splitface – Amoss
Blue Eyes – Skeptical
People – Dexcell


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