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The Return Of Spor

Many of you will recognise the name, he’s a serious player in the dnb world with some epic tunes to his name.

Some of you may not know however that he also goes by the alias of Feed Me. Very popular at the moment with a slew of electro house releases on Mau5trap.


In a recent post on facebook; “I think I’ll put an album out in August.” He has ignited the message boards with an abundance of speculation on whether he will actually come back to dnb, or continue making some real money under his Feed Me alias.


Well, to add a bit of fuel to the fire, one fan posed this very question and got this response:

‘The Feed Me sound is a separate project and one I really enjoy, I was never a D&B purist. If you’d ever come to my DJ sets <name redacted>, you’d know I’ve never played just D&B. That said, I’m quite comfortable with what I have planned for a Spor album and you can, respectfully, fuck off.’

This has since been removed from facebook, but does confirm Spor’s imminent return to the fray. Im excited!

I just hope that he keeps his original sound, as it goes down rather well with the scene.


I’ll leave you with a quality tune by the man himself. If you havent heard this one, its a cracke and deserves a space in any serious fans music collection



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