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DJ Iceman – Paying Your Dues

So late last month Mr DJ Iceman uploaded a video to youtube that went a bit viral through the DJ community, it was focused on the age old argument of digial V vinyl. If you missed it, catch it here: Dj Iceman Weighs In On The Digial V Vinyl Debate

This post however is not about his previous vid, but his latest.

Being in the game for 27 years pretty much makes you qualified to say whatever you want about DJing. Many older DJ’s put this across with bitter sarcasm as the youth ignore them once again, and push on, blissfully naive, unaware of the pitfalls and brickwalls that lie on the path infront of them.

DJ Iceman adresses this balance with a great video of his top 5 growing pains towards paying your dues:

Many DJ’s, myself included, have yet to experience all of these, but paying your dues is not something you do in one night (At least I hope not, cause that would SUCK!). These are things I am currently finding out about in my own little scene too. Growing pains are crap, but you gotta do what you gotta do! These are the things that separate the wheat from the chaff, get through the other side still DJing and you should have a good rep to your name.


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