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Beatport Mixes


Over the past year beatport has been undergoing some changes, starting with a complete overhaul of the site they recently added beatport DJ’s on there and now beatport mixes!

This integrates tightly with the aforementioned beatport DJ’s stuff.

The idea is; beatport lets you upload a mix consisting solely of tracks purchased from beatport and then sells them for £3.50 (odd) a piece. The proceeds go towards the labels owning the music rights and a 10% cut to the DJ. Beatport does not profit from this service.

Why Pay
With the number of free alternatives out there why the hell would you want to pay for a mix you can’t even preview? Sure there’s a track list up there with handy links to the original tracks if you’d like to buy them from beatport. But that’s it. Not exactly inspiring my confidence thus far. .
Anyway, beatport is jumping the gun on a future crackdown of dj mixes, I presume to be a firmly established alternative when the time strikes.
Soundcloud have been clamping down on mixes for a while now, especially those that feature top40 tunes on large labels. This trend will continue as soundcloud get more takedown notices, etc and possibly end with no mixes at all up there!
So you can see where they’re coming from with this. Mixes have always been a grey area of the law and can often be abused, containing whole tracks with little mixing involved, but I think they’ve made a massive oversight.

It’s about new music!
Most established underground labels and DJ’s I know of (in dnb) keep their audience through the use of unreleased music in mixes, teasing their followers with juicy dubs coming down the pipeline. Some of these may not see the light of day for years if at all! These tunes ignite the underground with feverish speculation or release dates, labels, etc. These are the very people that buy the music and keep the scene alive.

So, without being able to upload a mix to beatport mixes that doesn’t contain unreleased material and ONLY tracks that are on beatport. I believe they have shot themselves in the foot already.

Labels will continue to promote their own free podcasts and DJ mixes through traditional sources such as soundcloud and iTunes and beatport mixes will flounder for a while it eats its own head.


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