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Some Nice Surprises

Its summer, british summer. Which means its wet and shit, no surprises there but there have been quite a few gracing my headphones of late.

Going on his previous two singles to the build-up of his album, I wholeheartedly expected the Netsky’s creatively titled second album to be wall to wall drumstep. Another producer prolapse at Hospital records.

Much to my surprise then, there are some sweet tunes on there! From the liquid dancefloor funk of When Darkness Falls & No Beginning to the deep Junglist vibes of Drawing Straws there is something for everyone. It really showcases how broad Netsky’s talent is within the dnb and dubstep spectrum, and it makes me happy to know he hasn’t forgotten his roots on spearhead. (They were some of his best works in my opinion)

Also, it makes one wonder the future direction of hospital. There have been many murmers from London Elektricity of late on the state of popular dnb. Mostly about the moshpits dubstep and drumstep seem to be drawing, which is who hospital records have been tailoring their sounds to. You never know, if this latest offering is anything to go by they might just balance the sounds out and bring back the funk.

Please Hospital, bring back the funk.


Speaking of funk, Utah Jazz’s new album; Groove Therapy was also a very welcome addition to my collection.

These guys know how to make some seriously slick liquid rollers. Gorgeous music to behold, this might even get bagged on wax.

If you haven’t listened yet, do so now:



Lastly, the Drum & Bass Arena Summer Selection really struck a note with me. These collections are usually comprised of the harshest, most screechy basslines ever created.

Whilst this collection certainly does have a few of those, it also has some lovely liquid tracks and some great exclusives. Definitely worth checking out:




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