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Monitor Speakers

We all need speakers of some kind. Whether you listen to music on your phone or in the studio, youve always got some cones somewhere that’ll put out some noise.

As a music lover, its important to have something that does music justice,  at minimum, a decent Hi-Fi.

Ive been running a decent Hi-Fi with a sub for some years, upgrading parts as I could afford it. Then I happened upon an old pair of broken Absolute 2 spirit’s; an old budget monitor.

A mouse had gotten in there and had a crack at the wires, leaving one speaker dead. The owner couldnt be arsed to fix them, so I did.


They’ve been a good starting block, but its time to get something with a bit more credibility if I’m gonna produce more tunes.

Ive heard many monitor speaker setups including KRK’s, Yamaha ns10’s, behringer truths, mackies, etc. Most of which blow my ‘make do’ monitors out of the water, all of which cost a lot more too.


So how much do you drop on a pair of new monitors? Do you buy cheap – buy twice? Or fork out a large amount of cash straight up?

Its a hard pill to swallow when you look at the price of Adam’s and Genelecs, I simply dont have $1000 to drop on a pair of speakers, no matter how good they sound.

At the other end of the spectrum the small 5″ KRK’s and behringers put out some good sound for the price. But they’re quite coloured, usually boosted in the low and high end, so not an accurate enough representation of the sound to master your music to a professional level.


I may have just found ‘the one’ though . . .


People have been raving about the Equator Audio D5, a new contender to the market priced just above the budget range of 5″ monitors at £349.

What makes this one different is you wont find it in any big name stores, its supplied direct from manufacturer so they can offer the best quality for the best price. No middle men taking a hefty slice here.

So confident are equator audio that you’ll love the speakers, they offer a 60 day money back guarantee!

The only snag is they are based in america. Shipping, tax and god knows what else will be slapped on as soon as it reaches UK shores, putting the budget monitor in quite a high price bracket.


Recently however, the D5 has started appearing in select distributors across the UK, even ebay, at the more reasonable rate of £349.


I shall be bagging a pair forthwith, as soon as the funds have been raised. I’ll post up some sort of dribbling mess of a review after I’ve fallen in love with them. Meanwhile, check the links below for all your gear porn needs.

equator audio: http://www.equatoraudio.com/D5_Studio_Monitors_with_DSP_300_Pair_p/d5.htm

equator D5 reviews: http://www.gearslutz.com/board/reviews/681724-equator-d5.html


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