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S.P.Y – What The Future Holds (Hospital Records 219)

Hot on the heels of the Love & Hate EP released earlier this year on Hospital comes the long awaited full length album from Spy; What The Future Holds.

A long time veteran of the dnb scene, he’s earnt much respect from everyone for his consistent delivery and true versatility. Many people lauded his signing to Hospital who have gone from underground figure head status, to commercial icons in a few short years. This was followed by quite a dilution of quality from the label,  which is a shame. Having said that though, the last few releases on hospital have had some great content.

You can imagine the distaste of the underground to speculate on the potential damage to S.P.Y’s sound that could be attributed to his hospital signing. Imagine our surprise then to hear the fruits of his labour, untarnished and bringing renewed faith in Hospital Records.

Previews are up for SPY’s new album on the hospital store, no doubt they’ll be up on souncloud soon too.


Its sounding pretty tasty! Once again delivering his diverse sound though liquid lovelys and dancefloor smashers, there really will be something for everyone on this LP.

Release date is set for 1st October.


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