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Emperor – The Fire/Smokescreen – Neodigital 004


Launched as a digital only sister label to Neosignal, Neodigital has been seeing quite a spate of new releases covering fresh talent to the label of late. the most recent of which is the acclaimed Emperor!

Recent tunes on Critical Music have firmly pegged him as one to watch this year with top notch production on some snarling pieces of dancefloor weaponry, and this release is set to be no different.

Tipped with a heavy neurofunk vibe this pair of tunes sit nicely alongside the rest of Neodigital’s catalogue, an insta-bag for sure!



Be sure to bag neo’s tunes from their website! They usually manage to undercut all retailers by a respectable margin (especially beatport!) and you want your hard earnt going straight to the guys that deserve it, right?


Label: Neodigital
Release Date: 28.09.2012
Cat No: NDGTL004
available through www.neosignal.de


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