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Fresh Tunes

Quite a lot of new eps are surfacing over the last few days so I thought I’d whack them up for you guys!


Demand 012 – Spinline –  Life(Clarity Remix)/Sundays(Stray Remix)

Deep, techy sounds from both Clarity and Stray here, consistent with their works of late. Big sounds, I cant help but think theyre a little too much the same as previous efforts though. It’d be nice to see what else clarity can do!

out now! :http://www.junodownload.com/products/life/2041797-02/


Dispatch 62 –  Break/Survivial –  Stano/Going Over

Looking to be another large release on Dispatch, Break is seeing a lot of love from them at the moment, and rightly so! A killer release that I NEED in my collection.

Hurry up and release it dispatch!

Due for release 8th Oct


Program 02 – Wickaman, Hoodlum & Mavrik – One Scratch / Wickaman & RV – Sound Clash

Program are a very recent label, the brain-child of Andy C and RAM records setup to give some fresh blood a proving ground. Their previous release by frankee was massive, this one also lives up to the hype with a couple of dancefloor rockers that’ll keep any party rolling.

Out Now (But only on f*cking Beatport) http://www.beatport.com/release/one-scratch-sound-clash/959658


BMT010 – Stray – ‘Follow You Around’ / ‘Contract’

Lastly, Ssme new floaty liquid from the BMT camp. This one see’s stray with his own EP on BMT, which is odd. BMT only really release their own music or remixes on their label. I think this is a push by the lads to become a bigger label covering music they love from all spectrum’s.

Out 24th Sept


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