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Fresh Tunes

Morning all,

A few new previews are surfacing of some upcoming badness from various producers


Total Science & SPY ft. Kevin King – Past Lives – Lenzman Remix

A wicked tune in its day, the original still gets a rinsing once in a while on my decks. The Lenzman remix, in true Lenz’ style, rounds off the sharp edges and makes it roll like a fuckin’ wagon wheel. Nice

Forthcoming on the 5th Nov on CIA


RAMM 124 – Calyx & TeeBee – Pure Gold/Perspectives

More previews from the RAMM camp, this ones looking promising! Yet more singles from Calyx and Teebee! A wicked pair of tunes, but I’d like there to be some left for the album! hehe.

Out on Oct 29th


Dispatch 63A – Roxy Music – Zero T

Zero T has been a little quiet of late, his footprints label hasnt really put anything out for a while either. So its nice to see him come back into the fray with a much anticipated single on Dispatch.

This ones a bit more chillout than I’m used to on Dispatch, but a great track none-the-less!

Coming Oct 22nd


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