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Big Shot Mag – The State Of DJ Culture Survey 2012

A really interesting article over at big shot magazine this morning; http://newsflash.bigshotmag.com/features/19503/

They’ve conducted a survey of 90 influential DJ’s to get their take on the industry as a whole. A quick flick through them shows a bit of a trend:

Credible DJ’s hating on the overnight poser superstars waving their hands in the air while seamlessly mixing. No surprises there.

Its tough to call on really because these big budget marketing campaigns reach the world over and the ‘fake dj’ photos quickly go viral on dj forums and facebook. Yet the credible and consistent guys will never see that kind of exposure for churning out quality work.

Yet I see the ground level troopers prospering more than ever and local underground nights are still crammed full of appreciative supporters.

If theres one thing I wish I could change; I think promoters should be more adventurous with the styles of music and not be afraid to bring something new in to the fold!


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