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Pioneer – BPM 2012

Probably the busiest booth this year was pioneers. It was pretty tough to get personal with the gear jostling with the crowds, it was mostly cheap controllers though. Aside from this one:



The new flagship of Pioneers controller range IS as good as it looks. All hardware feels solid, buttons are good, plenty of illumination on the controls so you know what’s doing what.

Its not that heavy either, so it wouldnt break your back if you had to carry it somewhere, but you’d need a pretty big rucksack! I still don’t think its worth the price tag though, and the fact it’s partnered with serato doesnt bode well for us traktor geeks.


Also got a pic of this guy doing his thing:


Bloody nice setup he’s got going there! It must be a nightmare for dj’s playing at BPM, the sheer amount of noise can be deafening, its a constant barrage of sound and you cant hear your own music over the guy next to you.


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