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Fresh Tunes

A few gems up on SC at the mo/:

Dakosa – Eleven [Amoss Remix]

freeness from Amoss? Yup, don’t care what it is, its downloading! Get it.


Billain & NickBee – Extrasensory – free track (Neurofunk grid special)

More free tunes! This ones by some seriously talented folk, dutty basslines!


Krakota – Block Breaker (Hospital Records)

Oof! Hospital!? You just keep getting murkier, I love it! I would not expect to see krakota in the clinic, but this is wicked vibes. Plus theyve confirmed sick music 3 for the 23 Nov! Win!


Soul Intent – Robo Step (forthcoming on IM:Ltd)

Local boy Soul Intent gets his face on IM’s imprint! Respect, its a wicked tune.


NickBee – New Born Star / Proktah – Wrong Way (NickBee remix) – FootPrints

New music from Zero-T’s label; footprints. He seems to be becoming very active recently from a bit of a hiatus with his label breathing again, new tunes out on dispatch, etc. Good to see some movement in this camp, Zero-T pretty much got me into dnb.


Calyx & TeeBee – Nothing I Can Say / Skank

RAM dribbling out the Calyx and Teebee previews like a leaky bucket. I cant blame them though, its gonna be a cracker!



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