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Way Of The Samurai 2 – Code Of Honour (Samurai Music)

2009 saw the release of the first ‘Way Of The Samurai’ compilation which established the Samurai Music name early on with memorable tracks from the likes of Klute, The Upbeats, State Of Mind, Trei, Dose, Menace and more.

For the 5 year anniversary of Samurai Music, we decided it was time to celebrate the occasion with another unique formation of producers we respect from all sectors of the Drum and Bass spectrum in a sequel to our first successful compilation. From the seasoned expertise of names like Marcus Intalex, Klute, ASC, Loxy & Resound through to fresh talent Clarity, Pessimist, & Overlook and introducing new names Mercy, Subtension, & Paragon, there is something to please anyone who likes Drum and Bass in ‘Code Of Honour’.

‘Code Of Honour’ is what we believe to be a comprehensive snapshot of what is great about Drum and Bass in 2012. As always with our beloved genre ‘Code Of Honour’ has moments that point firmly to the future and moments that celebrate and summarize all that has been great in the genre’s history. 2012 has been the best year in Samurai Music’s 5 year history and we feel this is the perfect cap to a year where we achieved many of our initial goals and built a firm foundation for further development in the years to come.

The name ‘Code Of Honour’ refers to the Bushido code and the 5 12″ samplers from the album are each named after an essential virtue of the Samurai code.

“As solid a line up as I have seen on a compilation for a long time, 10 of these tracks have been in my set list for the last few months” Doc Scott

Released by: Samurai Music Group 
Release/catalogue number: NZCD003
Release date: Oct 15, 2012
Pre order CD & Digital – http://bit.ly/OG5IVF
Pre Order VIP Limited Addiction T Shirt & CD Bundle – http://bit.ly/Wrak19

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