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Fresh Tunes

Fresh music from the ether, theres some interesting bits on their way!

Calibre – Plugs (Footprints Music)

Footprints has been quiet for a while, then Zero T suddenly smashes back into the room with loads of new stuff. Last monday saw the release of NickBee’s new EP on this very label aswell as new music from the man himself on dispatch and CIA deepkut. Now we have calibre! Keep em comin!


Escher – Rugged/Late Snare (Narritives Music)

Blocks and Escher entered 2012 on a high, starting off their new label narratives with the very first EP. Devoted to experimental, deep music its evident these guys are devoted to quality over quantity, and the bar gets raised, every time. This latest release is another moody affair with incredible ambience and deep pulsing bass, this is definitely beard strokers music at its best.

coming out on the 29th Oct


Xtrah – Sound Clash / Discordance (Critical Music)

Xtrah has gone from strength to strength from his signing to Critical, his cuts have definite style and his production values are through the roof. Wicked deepness, coming on oct 29th.


Loko – Bassline Secret/The Shadow (Program)

Program just keep on churning them out don’t they!? Firmly focused on the dancefloor it’s definitely more light hearted than the rest of the bunch this week. Still, tight production values are maintained and a couple of groovy rollers in that typical RAM style are worth checking out.


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