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Marcus Intalex – Cabal/Mud (Ingredients Records)


Ingredients Records are pleased to finally get the chance to release music by this drum & bass legend. Known for his classics alongside ST Files and as a solo artist, featuring on Metalheadz, 31 & his very own Soul:r imprint, to finally have his name in the recipe catalogue is something we will hold dear. Onto the music itself and it’s A side ‘Cabal’ is a deep techno influenced roller, with crazy sub-lo bass and slick percussion work. Meanwhile ‘Mud’, with it’s excellent arrangement, early 90’s feel and distinct Intalex vibe is a straight up slice of drum & bass as it is meant to sound. Pressed to a limited amount of 400 full release promo copies, be sure to grab it while it’s hot. Dj support comes from Marcus intalex, dBridge, Bailey, Loxy, Skeptical, Dub Phizix, Flight, Friction


Release Date 20/11/12


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