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Es.tereo Interview

Following his release on IM:Ltd “Purple Sky” EP weve got an exclusive interview with Es.tereo:

Tell us a little about yourself, whats your real name, age and where do you live?

– My name is Max Hock aka Es.tereo, I´m 28 and and live in Berlin. I´ve been dj-ing and producing for
around 10 years now and explore the depths of Bassmusic!

How did you start production? Were you an aspiring DJ turning his hand?

– I was about 16 when I first bought 2 decks with a mixer and learned how to mix. A bit later I felt that
I want to go deeper into the matter and started to put some samples together with an old sequencer
maker on my PC. Since then it has been a constant process of evolution and learning. I’m behind
decks for 10 years now and still love to play!

How long were you producing before you got a break and landed on a record label? and how did you
go about breaking down barriers to these labels?

-I´ve played 4-5 years before I had my first release on the label from the Bassline Generation; they were also

running a clubnight called Fightclub where I used to be resident Dj. Later other labels got interested and the story started.

What recent producers have influenced you? Are there any stand out tracks that helped to define
your sound?

-I listen to everything I can. I have a lot of friends who make analogue music and they show me things
that might not rock my boat but it is still well worth a listen just to find new ways of doing things. But
there is not one track or one producer that I am aspiring after.

Its fair to say your music is very chilled, how do you translate your sound onto a dancefloor?

-I play in a club-setting differently compared to my podcasts. More “dance floor oriented”, but I’m still
trying to present people a rich and wide journey of 170 bpm Bass music.

Youve done a fair bit of collaboration with other artists. How does this work out and which was your favourite?

-Sometimes when I get stuck in a project I send it out to someone of whom I think he might like
the idea and ask him if he would be up for working on it. That’s how a few of my collaborations
happened! But basically I prefer to work with someone in “real live”, it’s much more fun and a lot
more intuitive. Since the beginning of this year I´m a lot in the studio with Marlyn. There are a few
bits on the way. My favorite is “This is where it all ends” which will be dropping as 12” in December
on Absys Records.

If you were to have the opportunity to play any gig, which one would you choose & what would you choose to play on?

-Sun & Bass and Outlook Festival and playing with Traktor Scratch. It’s the best way to have the vinyl feel and the pluses of the digital world!

Underground music culture is constantly changing, what are your views on the health of the scene at
the moment?

-I think the scene is currently in good health, regarding the amount of listeners; however the internet
changed the way music comes to the them also. There are pros and cons. The problem is that only
a few people pay for music anymore, the rest just downloads it. Which results in less money for the
producers, who have to pay their bills too! On the other hand the Internet made music so much more
accessible to a huge audience and it helps a lot to get your sound out in the world. I like the trend
of releasing more tunes on vinyl again, it makes the music exclusive and gives it the appreciation it

Finally, what can we expect from you in 2012?

-Purple Sky is out now on the same named Ep on IM:Ltd. Later this year the Aftermath Compilation
CD will be released on the same label, it feature’s two tracks from me; Winteria feat. Marlyn and a
Silent Dust Remix of my track Have A Dream. Junction 12 will be released on 12” on the Junction EP
on IM:Ltd too.
In November my remix of Gunston’s Medikahn will be released on Urban Poetry and I am currently
working on a few things which are schedule to be released on Urban Poetry as well. This Is Where
It All Ends will be released as a 12” on Absys around December/January and a Dubstep track, called
Unsafe Operations feat. Marlyn, will be covered on the Deep Dubstep LP on the same label. So there’s
a lot to come soon!


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