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Sick Music 3 (Hospital Records)


I’m not ashamed to say that the original Sick Music LP got me into drum & bass, that lead me into the Hospital back catalogue and down the rabbit hole, the rest is history!

My tastes haven’t changed all that much in the few short years since then, but I think the music has, this is especially true for Hospital Records.

Year on year hospital have released compilation albums filled with the latest craze in dancefloor mayhem and progressively more piercing mid-range basslines. This has lead many avid fans of the label to turn their noses up in favour of deeper offerings with their roots firmly planted in the underground.

Fortunately I feel the dnb/dubstep pop bubble is popped if not waning. I see this also in the change in music from Hospital, lately there’s been much more credible and diverse music coming from the label.

So what of Sick Music 3 . . . . .

A look over the tracklisting might raise a few eyebrows, new names synonymous with the underground make their debut on Hospital; Gridlok, Technimatic, Sunchase & Krakota to name but a few.

These sit alongside the more familiar hospital crew bringing something a little more light hearted to the LP.

Check the link for a good selection of youtube previews: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgDnAjlGZItam8Yr_fu1kDM7u8geGJJMl

It’s looking good folks!


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