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Under The Radar

I’m kicking off a new blog feature this week; Under The Radar.

We all miss a few gems here n’ there, it can be quite difficult to stay on top of all the new releases and speculation flying round t’interwebz on a daily basis. So, as and when I find them, I’ll be highlighting these under appreciated tracks in the hope of giving you a bit of interesting ammunition for your record crate.

This week we kick off with a stinker of a 12 from little label Breed 12 Inches.

Mefjus has had quite the spate of new releases recently on some big named labels, no to mention his recent signing to Critical,  so it was surprising to see this come out on lesser known Breed.

Collabed with M-Force these two have made a cracking pair of tunes. Abandon features the Mefjus neurofunk charm we all know and love, his signature sound; tight, earth shaking bass and surgical precision on the breaks.

The flip; Struggle & Pain is something a little different, a roller! As you’d expect, nice deep rolling bass on this one led by lyrics of Maksim, its a steppy tune with hints of skeptical in there, but the signature sound of Mefjus is there, although subdued, bubbling away in the back with brief accents through the vocal layer.

Out now: http://www.junodownload.com/products/mef-jus-m-force-abandon/2084153-02/


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