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Critical X Compilation (Critical Records)


Up for grabs this christmas are some long awaited VIP’s and remixes coming straight from kasras dub-plate, sex-fest of a record box.

£7.99 will bag you a vinyl with So Real (Mefjus Remix) and Surface VIP aswell as 16 tracks over download! Not bad.

Not all these tracks are new, this is more of a retrospective on some bangers that have been lost in the years of new music and deserve a dust off from the archives for another rinse-out.

Critical are leading the way when it comes to keeping vinyl alive, I think Kasra understands that its turning into more of a collectors thing. I dont know many people that go out of their way to bag £30 of records each week, its much easier and cheaper to stock up on digital nowadays.

You can only bag this bundle from Surus: http://www.surus.co.uk/Critical-Music/Surface-VIP-So-Real-(Mefjus-Remix)-20167.aspx

from the 7th Dec.

The vinyl will be available from other outlets shortly after.


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