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Programmed V1.0 – Program Records



After a flying start last year Program Records are set to continue their onslaught of top shelf dnb from the go with their very first compilation; Programmed V1.0.



01. Nitri – Concentration

02. Audio & Meth – Alone

03. Eastcolors – Murderer

04. Paul B – Drop By Drop


I’m not sure this release sits as well with me as some of their previous. It seems like a bit of a mashup of eclectic tunes, but that’s cool. Concentration has airs of autonomic about it with very synthetic, clean programming.

Alone definitely follows on Audio’s vibe from his album, more of the same! Murderer is a little different to what I’ve come to expect from Eastcolors, theres more of a RAM records vibe to it, just aswell its on program then eh!

By far the most interesting release for me is Paul B’s; Drop by Drop. Dancefloor synth stabs sit nicely alongside the steppy drums.


go check it out and make your mind up for yourself!



Released 3rd Feb 2013


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