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Mortem Interview


Mortem; a man who should need no introduction. A name on everyone’s tongues, and in everyone’s record crate. Last year saw Mortem’s catapult to success with releases on IM:Ltd, Critical’s modulations & Metalheadz to name a few. We caught up with him to find what he’s been brewing!

Your last release of 2012; Iceberg on Metalheadz saw an incredible end to the year for you. Looking back through the year, what have been the pivotal moments in your rise to success?

For sure the Metalheadz release was a big thing for me. But during the whole year there were few as good moments as this one for example my release on IM:LTD with The Touch and my single on Critical Modulations.


With releases on so many coveted labels this year you’ve obviously been putting in the hours in the studio, how has that affected your personal life?

To be honest, I didn’t put as many hours in the studio as id like to. That’s very frustrating for me to find the right moment to sit down, relax and make some music. A lot changed for me lately, that’s why its even harder to find some time in the studio. That’s why I have to put as much effort as I can when I have some free time.


Touching on the old flames of IM:Ltd; you’ve worked with some top shelf producers putting out stellar remixes of your original works. How did you find working with Sabre and Stunna, and more importantly, did this change your perspective on the drum & bass scene?

It didn’t change my perspective on dnb scene that much. Of course I was very happy to have my tunes remixed by those guys and I hope to have more tunes remixed by more guys. Working with those guys was a big pleasure and I am very delighted about the final results.


Your sound seems to have matured this year, carving your own niche in a sea of bass. How did you evolve this signature sound? Did it come as a natural progression to your works or was it tough nailing that sound?

It’s both I must say. I want to progress that’s why I was spending some time on having the certain sound, but I think there is much more to do for me to progress my sound more and more. I’ve spent a lot of time on the sound as well as on the arrangement and I’m pretty happy about the results but they are not ideal on 100% for me and for sure they never will !


Following on with your production; could you give us an insight on your production setup? I’m also dying to ask; what is your choice weapon for making those incredible bass riffs!?

My production set up is pretty basic. I used to make music on white mac book from 2008, but now I have upgraded my workstation with new mac with a lot of ram because working on that laptop was a pain in the… Also I’m using fostex pm 0-5mk2 monitors and an emu 0202 sound card so its pretty simple. For 99% of my sounds I’m going for NI Massive and 100% of those bass riffs are made in that plug-in which for me is just fantastic I’m not using samples for bass sounds, I like to have everything made by myself.


Do you have any advice for any up and coming producers reading this?

Be patient, be open-minded, do what you want to do, do not force yourself.


Lastly, were all excited to see what 2013 has in store for yourself. What can you tell us about your upcoming releases or gigs this year?

A few releases in the big labels are in the making but I cant say anything for the moment, so you’ll have to wait for the surprise  🙂

Mortem’s top 10:

  1. Mortem – Malfunction
  2. Enei & Kasra  – So Real – Mefjus RMX
  3. Mortem – Bring it Down
  4. Ower – The Missing Words
  5. Enei ft East Colors – 2012
  6. Dabs & Mortem – Hourglass
  7. Mortem – Taking My Freedom
  8. Hybris & Rido – The Thing
  9. Rido – Twisted VIP
  10. Dj Hazard – Never be the same

Finally, Mortem is giving away a free tune! All you need to do is head on over to his FB page: http://www.facebook.com/mortemdnb and get liking!


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