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IKEA sort out Harry Love’s DJ life

I’m loving this video by the folks at ikea:



If you can relate to Harry’s crazy vinyl storage system (pre-ikea), then you should definitely look into sorting your shit out, the cheapest way, whether you like it or not, is probably ikea. Those expedit bookcases are literally built for vinyl and provide a fantastic base to any DJ setup.

Usually when mentioning Ikea to anybody its followed by a groan about how cheap and shitty it is, hollow fibreboard isn’t exactly sturdy stuff. Thats a fair comment, but a lot of people also fail to see the modularity of a lot of their furniture. Would you ever think of stacking up 2 expedit’s deep, sticking legs on it and a couple of arms on-top of that, followed by a desk top to reach that perfect DJ stand height?

Then take a look at this: http://forum.djtechtools.com/showthread.php?t=21178

There’s also plenty to get you drooling here: http://www.djforums.com/forums/showthread.php?47-Post-pics-of-your-setup-2-0-part-1&highlight=ikea


Ableton Live 9


Ableton gets an update!

Youve probably already seen loads of waffle out there on the new tech behind Ableton 9. Unfortunately I’m not privileged enough to get my hands on a pre release copy to pull apart for you guys. I know a few people who are though:




There looks to be some awesome additions to abletons already formidable arsenal, I’m most looking forward to trying out the music to midi features and I’m really excited they now have curves on automation!

No release date yet, its pegged for early 2013 though.


BPM 2012 – The Rest









Here are the rest of the random pics I took out at BPM today:


Learning Zones:


Get some knowledge! There were lectures and QA’s all throughout the weekend with industry pro’s on all sorts of topics. They’ll teach you everything from the basics of production all the way to how to become a full time wedding DJ.

I caught a couple:

First off I got some bass knowledge off this guy.


and caught Shiftee demoing the F1:


Some dude was making dubstep with this mad thing:


This touchscreen traktor control surface was pretty awesome too!


Some random booth shots too:




Native Instruments – BPM 2012


NI didnt have a whole lot of new kit on show, I had a play with the F1 remix decks and theyre pretty hard to tame, I dunno how I’d use it if I were to integrate it into my setup.

They only had one Z2 out, which was being setup for shiftee to do another demo on the NI stand.

It looks like a cool bit of kit! Wish I’d had a play on it.

Pioneer – BPM 2012

Probably the busiest booth this year was pioneers. It was pretty tough to get personal with the gear jostling with the crowds, it was mostly cheap controllers though. Aside from this one:



The new flagship of Pioneers controller range IS as good as it looks. All hardware feels solid, buttons are good, plenty of illumination on the controls so you know what’s doing what.

Its not that heavy either, so it wouldnt break your back if you had to carry it somewhere, but you’d need a pretty big rucksack! I still don’t think its worth the price tag though, and the fact it’s partnered with serato doesnt bode well for us traktor geeks.


Also got a pic of this guy doing his thing:


Bloody nice setup he’s got going there! It must be a nightmare for dj’s playing at BPM, the sheer amount of noise can be deafening, its a constant barrage of sound and you cant hear your own music over the guy next to you.

Reloop – BPM 2012




The reload stand was a little different this year. They got rid of all the speakers so you can only hear through headphones. No biggie.
Also, virtual DJ was the software of choice, they’ve teamed up with them for custom software that reflects the hardware layout. Pretty easy to use.
The quality of the tech has improved massively since I owned a reloop controller too. All faders are buttery, pots are clean, no push click encoders for EQ though, which I miss.

Akai & Numark – BPM 2012


This iPad controller was dead easy to pick up and get to grips with. Great build quality too!



This metal beast was wicked fun, really heavy, built like a tank, pots and faders were great! You wouldn’t want to carry it about though!


This little sound card caught my eye, looks like a cool bit of kit. Solid constriction, loads of routing options. It’s a USB hub too!
The vintage VU meters really sell it for me though.


The rennaisance was a bugger to use. I’m not familiar with mpc’s which makes it worse. 10 mins tapping away and couldn’t figure it out!