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Detonate – March 22nd



My days its been a busy month! Playing out every weekend has been a lot of fun, and I’ve saved the best till last.

Catch me supporting this ridiculous lineup over at detonate on the 22nd. I’ll be in the room with Calibre, Dub-Phizix and Enei. Bosh!



Bass Trap – Derby – Friday 8th March


Basstrap’s up this evening! If your’e in the local area gimme a shout on twitter @howitzer_dnb.

I’ll be dropping an early doors, 2 hour minimal/liquid/tech set to get the party started, any and all requests will be serviced if possible (and appropriate).

I look forward to seeing you there!


Survival & Silent Witness – Speedbag (Free Download)

Yet more freebies to get the year started!

This ones a winner! Seriously, if a track of this calibre didn’t make it onto the album im looking forward to some next-level-shit!

You have to go through DNBA for the download (boo), but its well worth the effort.


The album sampler release is set for 14th of Jan

Signing off for Xmas

What a mighty year it has been for Drum & Bass!

Some of my most anticipated albums saw their release into the wild, my favourite labels have been putting out incredible tunes all year long and the scene keeps going from strength to strength, both locally and internationally. I think great times are ahead for my much loved sub-culture.

That’s not to say this year hasn’t had its let downs too. The mighty Nu-Urban heading into administration nearly crippled some of the smaller labels and has put an end to vinyl distribution for a large swathe of the Jump up scene. Sad times.

But S.T Holdings were there to pick up the pieces and now pretty much cover the entire dnb roster.


This year has also seen many changes to the face of DJ’ing. It’s now become the ‘in thing’ to want to be the DJ, you know were on a crash course when Paris Hilton starts taking the piss with your profession.

We’ve also seen some respected DJ’s become discredited due to their pre-planned performances and shitty attitude, Steve Angello!

Along with the separation of styles and talent from the likes of Deadmau5 and Skrillex who ‘perform’ their own works rather than traditionally DJ.

Put this together with an ever decreasing entry point into DJ’ing in terms of both cost and skill set and I think the new year may bring about some much needed changes to the coveted title of ‘DJ’.

Personally I think what were seeing is similar to what has happened to brostep; A massive surge in interest only to water down the talent pool to a sticky, shitty mess which totally discredits the traditional art of DJ’ing and turns it into a joke. I think DJ’ing will turn a corner then.

Having said that, technology has also bought some incredible opportunities to both new and old DJ’s to revolutionise the way they play.


From a personal standpoint, this year I set out to push myself further into the dnb scene and build a name and solid reputation for myself.

Its been a success! This year saw me break out onto radio, delve deeper into production and play at some of my most coveted local venues. All whilst networking and building those valuable bridges.

This year has also seen much positive change in my personal life outside of my music obsession. I landed a new job at one of my most respected developers; Crytek, moved in with my long term girlfriend and, most importantly, got a new studio!

So its been a pretty good year all in all. The world didn’t end and we can look forward to bigger and better things to come!


Special thanks & much love to Arron & Fliss, RED’s, Brad, XTC, James M, RSA and Emz.


So that’s a wrap for this year! I’m going to enjoy what’s left of it with my family & friends, I urge you to get off the computer and do the same too!

I’ll leave you with two new tracks I’ve recently finished and a Merry Christmas!

Livity FM Mixes

A little update from the radio world!

Livity FM has been going strong for a long time building on the premise of a no fuss, no fluff radio station that delivers real, quality music to the people. Theres a great community thats been built on these simple, but rock solid foundations and I’m proud to be part of it.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to give a big shout out to RED; admin at Livity FM for all the support with my show!

Anyway, I digress. Since November I’ve been running a weekly show and have built up quite a large amount of mixes which I think need a bit more visibility on my part!

I’m breaking my shows down into two types: Liquid Sessions and err,  non-liquid sessions . . . or should that be tech sessons . . I’ll leave it to you.

Here’s the full list of shows currently up:





Setlist for 30/10/12:

Love Finds Me – Beta2 + Pete Joseph
Poise (Original Mix) – Eastcolors
Before I Can Breathe – Seba
Stratos (Stunna remix) – Mortem
Hooked (Survival Remix) – Slider & Expose
Blind Soul – Blu Mar Ten
Garden (Calibre remix) – Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
Is Anybody Out There – Bcee, S.P.Y.
Love Affair – DJ Marky & S.P.Y.
Time Flows By (feat. Jo-S) – Eveson feat. Jo-S
Mystic Sunset – DJ Marky, S.P.Y.
Bittersweet pt 2 ft. Riya – Lenzman
Infinity (Original Mix) – Eastcolors
Twice (LSB Bootleg) – Little Dragon
Notting Hill – Calibre
Ladder (Amen VIP) – Velocity & Key MC
Many Things – Random Movement & Ben Soundscape
Go To Nowhere (Original Mix) – Eastcolors
Reach – Tokyo Prose
Star Voyager – D.R.S.
Tangled Dream – Technicolour
When Our Word Jaded (Seba Remix) – Furi Anga
By Your Side – S.P.Y.

Whilst youre on it, check out livity FM’s profile on house mixes: http://www.house-mixes.com/profile/livity-fm

There’s loads of mixes on there from the admins and special guests catering for all sorts of tastes, not just dnb.

Next up on Livity I’ll be putting down something a little grittier, tune in on 06/10/12 at 7:30pm gmt at: http://www.livityfmradio.com/

I’ll be live streaming from the studio over webcam on stream two (halfway down the page).

If you’d like updates on when I’m playing like the FB page on the right >

Come join in the chat and get some sweet dnb in your life 🙂

Fresh Tunes

A few gems up on SC at the mo/:

Dakosa – Eleven [Amoss Remix]

freeness from Amoss? Yup, don’t care what it is, its downloading! Get it.


Billain & NickBee – Extrasensory – free track (Neurofunk grid special)

More free tunes! This ones by some seriously talented folk, dutty basslines!


Krakota – Block Breaker (Hospital Records)

Oof! Hospital!? You just keep getting murkier, I love it! I would not expect to see krakota in the clinic, but this is wicked vibes. Plus theyve confirmed sick music 3 for the 23 Nov! Win!


Soul Intent – Robo Step (forthcoming on IM:Ltd)

Local boy Soul Intent gets his face on IM’s imprint! Respect, its a wicked tune.


NickBee – New Born Star / Proktah – Wrong Way (NickBee remix) – FootPrints

New music from Zero-T’s label; footprints. He seems to be becoming very active recently from a bit of a hiatus with his label breathing again, new tunes out on dispatch, etc. Good to see some movement in this camp, Zero-T pretty much got me into dnb.


Calyx & TeeBee – Nothing I Can Say / Skank

RAM dribbling out the Calyx and Teebee previews like a leaky bucket. I cant blame them though, its gonna be a cracker!


Howitzer DnB Radio Show On Livity FM!


Ez All,

Ive landed myself a regular slot on Livity FM! http://www.livityfmradio.com/

An underground station dedicated to dnb, dancehall, reggae, roots, etc. Basically music with roots and culture.

We did a tester broadcast last week (wed 4th) and all went smoothly, the first of many liquid sessions I hope!

You can catch the ustream broadcast from my home studio right here: Howitzer Liquid Sessions – Livity FM

I’ll be bringing you the latest from the dnb scene every week covering liquid, tech, neuro, etc. Basically anything that takes my fancy. If you like my style and taste, tune in!