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Liquid Sessions On Livity FM

If you didn’t catch the broadcast last night for whatever reason you can grab it here: http://www.livityfmradio.com/apps/podcast/podcast/288702


There was a little fuck up at the beginning of the broadcast, the recording may have missed a couple of minutes off the beginning, but you wont have missed much.

Tracklisting here:

Butterfly – Hibea
Embers – B Locks
The Aftermath – Flaco & Glen E.ston
Life Under Construction – Roygreen
Hard Times – S.T. Files & Response
Just Like You – Naibu feat. Key
Full Hd – Sunchase
Afterthought – Ivy Lab
Cant describe – Seba
Rainha – Zero T
Parity (Klute Remix) – Tokyo Prose & Phil Tangent
Zero Degrees (Stunna Remix) – Radicall
Don’t Want Your Love – Calibre
One Big Family (Hybrid Minds Bootleg) – Temple Cloud
Garden (Calibre remix) – Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
Away With Me (feat. Tamara Blessa) (Calibre Remix) – SpectraSoul feat. Tamara Blessa
UnEarthed – Spectrasoul
Plugs – Calibre
The Hurting – Lsb
Brain Stimulation – Nymfo
Oblique – Sabre
Rainy City Music – Dub Phizix

Love So True VIP / Watch Out (Enei Remix) – Symmetry Recordings

When this landed in my inbox I had to change pants, my two favourite tracks of last year remixed by my two favourite artists. Who could ask for more?

Love So True VIP is a great take on an already amazing track, rather than pad it out with re-processed versions of the same sound, theres been many additions to the entire song and the intro is still a game changer on any dancefloor. That drop has been chiselled up into a bone breaker and generally twisted into an altogether heavier track, two thumbs up!

Watch Out came on symmetry late last year from a collab Eastcolors and Enei. It was a defining track for Eastcolors, and one that signalled a new direction for the young artist.

It was a quality tune in its own right, but when I heard Enei got his hands on it for remix duties, my curiosity couldn’t be contained.

It is a great remix, but there are elements that dont sit as well as in the original. That bass hit is tough, but sounds out by a fraction of a second, enough to instil confusion.

The vocal is an oddity too. Whilst its a wicked lick and sits in the song fine, don’t double drop it or layer it up. It’s off from the classic 4:4 of many tracks and makes my brain hurt as a listener.


This’ll make an incredible 12″ and is out at the beginning of March!

Ulterior Motive – Right Here / Elephant Tune (Metalheadz 007)

A name synonymous with quality drum & bass, I pay attention when Ulterior Motive drop a new EP. This ones coming on Metalheadz sometime sooner or later.

Interesting to see UM dipping their toes in dubstep, its probably one of the best dubstep tunes I’ve heard in a while!

Technimatic/Random Movement – Vermillion (Rubik)


Two names that are synonymous with the best liquid drum & bass has to offer; Technimatic & Random Movement have just dropped some jaw dropping tunes on Rubik. I’ve been waiting for this for months, and now theyre out, I cant stop playing them.

Both sides are fantastic and I’d gladly buy this up on vinyl

out now: http://www.junodownload.com/products/random-movement-technimatic-vermillion/2134619-02/

Livity FM – Tuesday 7:30pm

Rolling in on: http://www.livityfmradio.com/

from 7:00pm






Pop on over for some deepness! 🙂

Mikal & Rido – Utopia11



Bringing the deep flavours of the old school sounds back in the fold once again are Mikal and Rido with this quality release on Utopia Music.

Mikal kicks things off with Spiritual; deep pulsing basslines and dislocated beats backed with eerie synth lines takes me back to early metalheadz, good stuff!

Rido on remix duties next. The Chant was released some time ago on Utopia, it was a quality track, but lacked a little character. Rido has given this track a voice of its own, the combination of these two guys is pretty fearsome; massive growling basslines and deep stabs reminds me of Ulterior Motives sound.

A huge EP, one for the deep techy headz. Release date: 13th Feb


IKEA sort out Harry Love’s DJ life

I’m loving this video by the folks at ikea:



If you can relate to Harry’s crazy vinyl storage system (pre-ikea), then you should definitely look into sorting your shit out, the cheapest way, whether you like it or not, is probably ikea. Those expedit bookcases are literally built for vinyl and provide a fantastic base to any DJ setup.

Usually when mentioning Ikea to anybody its followed by a groan about how cheap and shitty it is, hollow fibreboard isn’t exactly sturdy stuff. Thats a fair comment, but a lot of people also fail to see the modularity of a lot of their furniture. Would you ever think of stacking up 2 expedit’s deep, sticking legs on it and a couple of arms on-top of that, followed by a desk top to reach that perfect DJ stand height?

Then take a look at this: http://forum.djtechtools.com/showthread.php?t=21178

There’s also plenty to get you drooling here: http://www.djforums.com/forums/showthread.php?47-Post-pics-of-your-setup-2-0-part-1&highlight=ikea