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Akai & Numark – BPM 2012


This iPad controller was dead easy to pick up and get to grips with. Great build quality too!



This metal beast was wicked fun, really heavy, built like a tank, pots and faders were great! You wouldn’t want to carry it about though!


This little sound card caught my eye, looks like a cool bit of kit. Solid constriction, loads of routing options. It’s a USB hub too!
The vintage VU meters really sell it for me though.


The rennaisance was a bugger to use. I’m not familiar with mpc’s which makes it worse. 10 mins tapping away and couldn’t figure it out!



Who likes new shiny tech? Yeah, me too. I practically froth at the mouth when BPM and NAMM come up.


So whats new? So far ive only seen a handful of devices on the websites you guys probably already frequent, so I’ll pass over the interesting bits.


New this morning from behringer:


So someone does actually listen to the community! An innovative modular controller design has been a long time coming. Many manufacturers think they know better than the community about what they actually want, native instruments im looking at you!

Im actually really pleased that its behringer that are releasing these, they need to mend their name from the association of cheap, crappy, broken gear and be a proper reliable budget brand. Their faith in these controllers is also solidified by the 3 year manufacturers warranty!

If I find a need for another midi controller somewhere down the line, I see no reason to pass up on something like this, even if it is budget.

Another little gem from behringer this year is the ipad mixing desk! Pretty random, I really didnt see this coming. . .



New bits from akai include the MPC Fly, another iPad peripheral which looks really sweet!


Garaunteed they’ll sell a boatload of these. My only question is why they chose to put all the pads on the touchscreen aswell as the hardware? Surely its better suited for effects or tweaking the sound.

Another interesting new toy, directly in competition with NI’s maschine:


A little sneak peek at what american audio are doing:

Their new mixers look nice!


Also, a couple of new vids from



and Korg:


Ill update as and when I see something decent enough to post 😉




AKAI MPC Renaissance

New gear! Shiny buttons!

New business from akai right here, this is the same piece of hardware we saw in my recently in the AraabMUZIK live dubstep routine. It looks like a properly made piece of kit, most things I’ve played with from AKAI (LPD8 aside) are pretty much bomb proof.

It seems this is aimed at the same market as maschine although im unclear if this is meant to be a stand alone unit that holds all its own samples or needs a PC with the bundled software to work. Personally I hope its the latter. That way all the expensive hardware used for a fully dedicated MPC can make way for a reasonable price tag, then it really will be biting the heels of NI.

More info after the jump: http://www.akaiprompc.com/mpcrenaissance.php