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Mise En Place Pt.2 – Ingredients Records


Those of you who remember the first part to Mise En Place will recall it was an epic EP from the guys over at Ingredients, bringing together some of the greatest talents in the industry for a special flavour.

Well the guys over at ingredients have just gone and one upped themselves.

This follow-up EP is brimming with incredible tracks from the likes of Villem, Break, Skeptical, Dub Phizix and dRamatic & dbAudio. Quite the line-up eh?

It’s as good as it sounds, take a listen!


The tune I find most interesting on this EP is Dub Phizix – Rainy City Music. He’s been blasting out the deep, dancefloor smashers relentlessly over the past year or so, which is what makes this such a stark contrast to what were used to; A slow, atmospheric, rolling tune, accented by spacious percussion and strings shows Dub Phizix’s lighter side.


Coming on 18/03/13


Love So True VIP / Watch Out (Enei Remix) – Symmetry Recordings

When this landed in my inbox I had to change pants, my two favourite tracks of last year remixed by my two favourite artists. Who could ask for more?

Love So True VIP is a great take on an already amazing track, rather than pad it out with re-processed versions of the same sound, theres been many additions to the entire song and the intro is still a game changer on any dancefloor. That drop has been chiselled up into a bone breaker and generally twisted into an altogether heavier track, two thumbs up!

Watch Out came on symmetry late last year from a collab Eastcolors and Enei. It was a defining track for Eastcolors, and one that signalled a new direction for the young artist.

It was a quality tune in its own right, but when I heard Enei got his hands on it for remix duties, my curiosity couldn’t be contained.

It is a great remix, but there are elements that dont sit as well as in the original. That bass hit is tough, but sounds out by a fraction of a second, enough to instil confusion.

The vocal is an oddity too. Whilst its a wicked lick and sits in the song fine, don’t double drop it or layer it up. It’s off from the classic 4:4 of many tracks and makes my brain hurt as a listener.


This’ll make an incredible 12″ and is out at the beginning of March!

Tuned In Two (CIA Records)

Over a decade after the original Tuned In compilation, comes the aptly named; Tuned In Two. This shouldn’t be confused as some kind of ‘cash in of random tracks that didnt fit an EP’ though, its a well constructed LP and one which pulls no punches, this IS the definitive sound of CIA records.

Its a deep affair filled with some of the most top tier, timeless artists to grace the scene. Familiar names like break, total science, calibre, zero-T & Fracture bring straight up badness from across the dnb spectrum, from sweet, liquid rollers to tear-out dancefloor smashers, theyre all here and begging for your record crate.

“Trends and fashions come and go within all the dance music genres but even after all this time there is still an underlying straight up timeless Drum & Bass sound & quality we feel & can’t be ignored which needs to be pushed forward and presented as a collection”


1. Total Science, Kevin J. King, S.P.Y – Pat Lives (Lenzman Remix)
2. Break – Slipstream
3. Calibre – Clipper Man
4. 8 Bits & Q Project – Low End Theory
5. Riya Ft Zero T – Stolen Moments
6. Fracture – The Breaks
7. Spirit – Dream Demon
8. Proktah – Trust
9. Sinistarr & Grimm – Anything
10. Total Science – Going In Circles (Break Remix)
11. Total Science Ft Riya – Cold Blood
12. Beta 2 – Perceptions

Some of my faves are listed below, follow the links through to soundcloud for the rest


Out today (19/11/12) from all decent record shops: http://www.junodownload.com/products/total-science-presents-tuned-in-2/2082319-02/

Utopia10 – Break, Mako, Fields, Villem & Getz

Utopias tenth release brings the legend that is Break back to the fold, this time teaming up with Mako, Fields and Villem for a jungly 97′ dillinja flavour which has been smashing up raves for the past few months. An epic intro is followed by a bass and drum break explosion.

The flip is a very different affair with eastern europes Getz coming with a soulful stripped-back rollout, showing that Utopia are not afraid to spread their wings past the close knit family of artists on previous releases.

With More music coming from from rido, mikal, need for mirrors, mako, Villem, fields and break, Utopia are stepping up the drum and bass game.



Available now from all good online retailers

The Other Side LP – Symmetry Recordings – Exclusive Eastcolors Interview

Initially pegged for release earlier this month The Other Side LP on Symmetry has since been pulled from all major outlets and properly set for release on the 22nd of October. So if you didnt manage to bag yourself a copy then, you wont have too long to wait till it see’s the light of day again.

Its safe to say though that this is a landmark release for Symmetry. Being the first LP on the label to feature a broad range of artists, showcasing the likes of Ulterior Motive, Octane & DLR, Eastcolors & Prolix to name but a few, you’ll be hard pressed to find a release of this calibre on any other dnb label this year.

With a tight focus on tech funk breaks and murderous basslines this release will leave you blown away on each and every track, Break has really out-done himself here. His own contribution to this LP is awesome and I can safely say pretty much every track will be on rotation in my playlists for quite some time.

To mark this release weve got an exclusive interview with Eastcolors!

How stoked we’re you to find out you’d be on the first ever LP on breaks awesome symmetry label?

I feel really excited about that! I’m a biiiiiiiig fan of Break’s music, so I really proud to be a part of it. Be a part of legend haha 😀
Your signature sound shows a heavy Russian influence. How has the music and culture of Russia helped define your style?

Actually I don’t think Russian culture affects on my music. And I think it’s not right to split music on russian, english, asian etc. I split it on music I like and music I don’t like, no matter which nation was original author of it. But I really proud of our guys like Enei, Subwave, Electrosoul System and others, they did a lot of work to show world that russian producer can make world class music.

Who do you look to for influence when you get the dreaded writers block?

First of all, I don’t listen lot of dnb most of time, because I think it’s wrong looking for inspiration in same genre. I’m listening random electronic podcasts, dubstep mixes (not brostep skrillex crap), old rock music, watching films, playing games, walking with girlfriend. You know, sounds is around us, and you will never know what affects on you to make new tune.

Your track; ‘watch out’ feels like a natural progression from your more liquid oriented sounds into the deeper realms. It’s a banger! Can we expect more of this style of sound from you in the future?

Definitely! I started concentrate on deeper growly basses a lot more, but I still don’t want to lose tunes souls. I could make 2-3 tunes from one project, but I never do, I start every tune from scratch, and every tune is a journey you know. I really love guitars, dub chords, reggae sounds and voices etc. So you definitely can expect more same feel things in future!

Your recent release on Phunkfiction records; The dreamer EP features some collaborations with some big names in the scene at the moment. How do you find working with these other artists?

Well, these tunes are really old. I made ‘Someone To Count On’ with Owen Clarity, I think a few years ago, when he hadn’t so much big release, and made a different kind of drum and bass music, more liquid. I always loved his works and I love this tune, one of my faves of all time. About Enei’s remix, I sent the original version of ‘Go To Nowhere’ to Alex and he said just ‘Wow, I should make a remix, cuz i love it’ 🙂 We made lots of tunes with him and I enjoy our work every time!

If there was one plugin/piece of hardware you couldn’t live without for your production, what would it be?

I use three things in every tune: EXS24 sampler, NI Massive for basses and Izotope Ozone for mixing. Just can’t live without this little monsters 🙂 Not sure about hardware, because I own only that I need – sound card, studio mixer, monitor speakers. But I want to try some hardware synth like Virus or Waldorf Blofeld, or Korg Monotribe. We’ll see.

Can you give us your top 10 tracks of the moment.

Electrosoul System – Outerheaven
EastColors – Murderer
Beta2 & Pete Joseph – love finds me
Detail & tiiu – Days go by
Enei & EastColors – 2012
Break – Who we are
Enei, EastColors & Noel – Cracker vip
EastColors – Dreamer
Does Not Compute – Going down
EastColors & Noel – Moonwalker

Fresh Tunes

Quite a lot of new eps are surfacing over the last few days so I thought I’d whack them up for you guys!


Demand 012 – Spinline –  Life(Clarity Remix)/Sundays(Stray Remix)

Deep, techy sounds from both Clarity and Stray here, consistent with their works of late. Big sounds, I cant help but think theyre a little too much the same as previous efforts though. It’d be nice to see what else clarity can do!

out now! :http://www.junodownload.com/products/life/2041797-02/


Dispatch 62 –  Break/Survivial –  Stano/Going Over

Looking to be another large release on Dispatch, Break is seeing a lot of love from them at the moment, and rightly so! A killer release that I NEED in my collection.

Hurry up and release it dispatch!

Due for release 8th Oct


Program 02 – Wickaman, Hoodlum & Mavrik – One Scratch / Wickaman & RV – Sound Clash

Program are a very recent label, the brain-child of Andy C and RAM records setup to give some fresh blood a proving ground. Their previous release by frankee was massive, this one also lives up to the hype with a couple of dancefloor rockers that’ll keep any party rolling.

Out Now (But only on f*cking Beatport) http://www.beatport.com/release/one-scratch-sound-clash/959658


BMT010 – Stray – ‘Follow You Around’ / ‘Contract’

Lastly, Ssme new floaty liquid from the BMT camp. This one see’s stray with his own EP on BMT, which is odd. BMT only really release their own music or remixes on their label. I think this is a push by the lads to become a bigger label covering music they love from all spectrum’s.

Out 24th Sept

The Other Side LP – Symmetry Recordings

UPDATE: Well, I think someone ballsed up. The digital release was meant to surface on the 22nd October along with the cd, but it hit the stores yesterday morning (24th Sept) and was promptly taken down by most places.

If you still havent picked this one up, you can from Beatport and last time I looked it was still up on trackitdown and amazon mp3. Grab it before it gets taken down! Its an absolute monster of an EP!


Symmetry Recordings was launched in 2006 by label head Charlie Bierman (aka; Break) as a platform for his own work. Theres very little information available about either the label or the artist, but safe to say he’s a badman that puts out some of the best and most consistent drum & bass time on time. So when you hear the first compilation is up on symmetry, you better listen closely.

Details and the first bunch of sounds below:

Vinyl [08/10/12]

Pt 1
Break – Love So True
Ulterior Motive & Code 3 – Yeti
Break – Something New (Xtrah Remix)
Silent Witness & Break – The Hills Have Ears

Vinyl 2 [22/10/12]

Octane DLR & Break – Power Down
Need For Mirrors – Domo
Fields,Hydro, Mako & Villem – Dissolve
Break – Kicked to Death

CD [22/10/12]

01.Break – Love So True
02. Eastcolors – Watch Out
03. Ulterior Motive & Code 3 – Yeti
04. Break – Something New (Xtrah Remix)
05. Octane DLR & Break – Power Down
06. Prolix – Third Act
07. Break – Who We Are
08. Silent Witness & Break – The Hills Have Ears
09. Need For Mirrors – Domo
10. Fields,Hydro, Mako & Villem – Dissolve
11. Mikal – Frozen
12. Break – Kicked to Death