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Survival & Silent Witness – Speedbag (Free Download)

Yet more freebies to get the year started!

This ones a winner! Seriously, if a track of this calibre didn’t make it onto the album im looking forward to some next-level-shit!

You have to go through DNBA for the download (boo), but its well worth the effort.


The album sampler release is set for 14th of Jan


Survival & Silent Witness ‘In From The Wild’ album preview mini mix by Ant TC1

A little promo mix put together by Ant TC1 for the new Survival & Silent Witness album coming early 2013 on Dispatch, worth a punt if youre interested in getting the lowdown early or just love jumping on the hype train!

Fresh Tunes

Morning all,

A few new previews are surfacing of some upcoming badness from various producers


Total Science & SPY ft. Kevin King – Past Lives – Lenzman Remix

A wicked tune in its day, the original still gets a rinsing once in a while on my decks. The Lenzman remix, in true Lenz’ style, rounds off the sharp edges and makes it roll like a fuckin’ wagon wheel. Nice

Forthcoming on the 5th Nov on CIA


RAMM 124 – Calyx & TeeBee – Pure Gold/Perspectives

More previews from the RAMM camp, this ones looking promising! Yet more singles from Calyx and Teebee! A wicked pair of tunes, but I’d like there to be some left for the album! hehe.

Out on Oct 29th


Dispatch 63A – Roxy Music – Zero T

Zero T has been a little quiet of late, his footprints label hasnt really put anything out for a while either. So its nice to see him come back into the fray with a much anticipated single on Dispatch.

This ones a bit more chillout than I’m used to on Dispatch, but a great track none-the-less!

Coming Oct 22nd

Fresh Tunes

Quite a lot of new eps are surfacing over the last few days so I thought I’d whack them up for you guys!


Demand 012 – Spinline –  Life(Clarity Remix)/Sundays(Stray Remix)

Deep, techy sounds from both Clarity and Stray here, consistent with their works of late. Big sounds, I cant help but think theyre a little too much the same as previous efforts though. It’d be nice to see what else clarity can do!

out now! :http://www.junodownload.com/products/life/2041797-02/


Dispatch 62 –  Break/Survivial –  Stano/Going Over

Looking to be another large release on Dispatch, Break is seeing a lot of love from them at the moment, and rightly so! A killer release that I NEED in my collection.

Hurry up and release it dispatch!

Due for release 8th Oct


Program 02 – Wickaman, Hoodlum & Mavrik – One Scratch / Wickaman & RV – Sound Clash

Program are a very recent label, the brain-child of Andy C and RAM records setup to give some fresh blood a proving ground. Their previous release by frankee was massive, this one also lives up to the hype with a couple of dancefloor rockers that’ll keep any party rolling.

Out Now (But only on f*cking Beatport) http://www.beatport.com/release/one-scratch-sound-clash/959658


BMT010 – Stray – ‘Follow You Around’ / ‘Contract’

Lastly, Ssme new floaty liquid from the BMT camp. This one see’s stray with his own EP on BMT, which is odd. BMT only really release their own music or remixes on their label. I think this is a push by the lads to become a bigger label covering music they love from all spectrum’s.

Out 24th Sept

Octane & DLR – Method In The Madness Interview DNBA

These guys are legends in my book. Some of the best breaks on the mighty dispatch recordings I still dig out their classics for a spin regularly.

So when I heard they were putting out an album I got rather excited, and then I heard Break would be collabing on a track, and went a bit giddy!


They’ve gone and done an interview with dnbarena on their forthcoming masterpiece along with a clip of their forthcoming collab with break.

check it:



big tings!

Monday Morning DNB

Some lovely delicacies to help you through the first hard hour of work on a monday morning


Various – Living The Dream EP Pt3 – Rubik

Die & Break – Grand Funk Hustle – Digital Soundboy

Flame – Memories EP – Celcius

Fracture / FD – Galvanise – Subtitles

Various – Counter Clockwise – Interactive

Kodo / Tyrone – The Jackal – Ingredients

Mute / Mako – Cali Sleaze – Utopia Music UK

Optiv & BTK / Kontrol – Over The Edge – Renegade Hardware

Skeptical / MC Fokus – Fluctuate – Dispatch

Skeptical & MC Fokus – Fluctuate/The Truth (Dispatch Recordings)

Badness on the way from Dispatch Recordings, due for release on the 20th of Feb:

Dispatch is going from strength to strength, this year there is a ridiculous lineup of music coming out

Dabs ‘Subsidiary’ EP
A. “Subsidiary”
B. “Time Carrier w|Safire”
C. “Oh The Horror w|Cern (Survival & Ant TC1 rmx)”
D. “Stendhal w|Amoss”
Dispatch 52: March 2012

Need For Mirrors “Donuts” / Need For Mirrors & Kiat “Badfellaz (2012)”
Dispatch 54: March / April 2012

Hybris “The Blinds” / Safire & Borderline “Rebellion”
Dispatch LTD 006: March / April 2012

Silent Witness “Potty Mouth / Things are Bad”
Dispatch 55: April 2012

Hybris “Crumbled / Ender”
Dispatch 56: April / May 2012

all ripped from this thread here