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IKEA sort out Harry Love’s DJ life

I’m loving this video by the folks at ikea:



If you can relate to Harry’s crazy vinyl storage system (pre-ikea), then you should definitely look into sorting your shit out, the cheapest way, whether you like it or not, is probably ikea. Those expedit bookcases are literally built for vinyl and provide a fantastic base to any DJ setup.

Usually when mentioning Ikea to anybody its followed by a groan about how cheap and shitty it is, hollow fibreboard isn’t exactly sturdy stuff. Thats a fair comment, but a lot of people also fail to see the modularity of a lot of their furniture. Would you ever think of stacking up 2 expedit’s deep, sticking legs on it and a couple of arms on-top of that, followed by a desk top to reach that perfect DJ stand height?

Then take a look at this: http://forum.djtechtools.com/showthread.php?t=21178

There’s also plenty to get you drooling here: http://www.djforums.com/forums/showthread.php?47-Post-pics-of-your-setup-2-0-part-1&highlight=ikea


Reloop – BPM 2012




The reload stand was a little different this year. They got rid of all the speakers so you can only hear through headphones. No biggie.
Also, virtual DJ was the software of choice, they’ve teamed up with them for custom software that reflects the hardware layout. Pretty easy to use.
The quality of the tech has improved massively since I owned a reloop controller too. All faders are buttery, pots are clean, no push click encoders for EQ though, which I miss.

Traktor Kontrol Z2: First Look!

I’m a geek, I love shiny new pieces of tech to lust over. Its compelling and I have no idea why.

So when the guys over at DJ Tech Tools posted this up I got a bit excited!


It looks like theyve pretty much covered all the bases, many of the quarrels people had with the S4; no booth outputs, shitty faders, etc. Have all been addressed!

Its not without cost though, £600 or so of cost!

For a 2 channel mixer, that’s pretty steep. But the added features do balance the cost in its favour. I’ll check it out at this years BPM and report back!

For the full review and write-up, head over to DJ Tech Tools: http://www.djtechtools.com/2012/10/04/traktor-kontrol-z2-exclusive-preview-with-ean-golden/

BPM 2012 At The NEC (Birmingham, UK)


Shiny shiny gadgets! Lots and lots of flashing buttons and way too much noise than can be good for you. Figureheads from around the industry gather in Birmingham (of all places) to show off their latest wares to both press and public. Its a bit of a mental affair that ends up with myself in sensory overload, If it all gets a bit too much though, there’s always some booth babes doing the rounds for a bit of distraction!

I’ll be providing some live coverage of lovely new DJ tech, the same as last year, so tune in on the 7th of October if you cant make it down.

If you live in the UK and area around the Midlands, why not stop by!?





Big Shot Mag – The State Of DJ Culture Survey 2012

A really interesting article over at big shot magazine this morning; http://newsflash.bigshotmag.com/features/19503/

They’ve conducted a survey of 90 influential DJ’s to get their take on the industry as a whole. A quick flick through them shows a bit of a trend:

Credible DJ’s hating on the overnight poser superstars waving their hands in the air while seamlessly mixing. No surprises there.

Its tough to call on really because these big budget marketing campaigns reach the world over and the ‘fake dj’ photos quickly go viral on dj forums and facebook. Yet the credible and consistent guys will never see that kind of exposure for churning out quality work.

Yet I see the ground level troopers prospering more than ever and local underground nights are still crammed full of appreciative supporters.

If theres one thing I wish I could change; I think promoters should be more adventurous with the styles of music and not be afraid to bring something new in to the fold!

Pulselocker – A Streaming Service For DJ’s!


Since the advent of online music streaming services such as Spotify or Groove shark music has become more accessible than ever to people the world over.

These services however are only for the public, there has been much conjecture about using these services whilst DJing, but no-one has been able to integrate them into the major DJing programs out there, until now!


Pulselocker is pegged as Beatport meets Spotify; unlimited streaming playing tunes online or off!


Sounds promising! The best part is they’ve been able to integrate the music into all the major DJ programs; Traktor, Serato, VDJ, etc.

Heaven knows how they do it, details are forthcoming from the company who are still in private beta.


Regardless of  how great it sounds, streaming services are not without their limitations:

In order to use this in such a setting you would need to have unlimited bandwidth over a wifi/cable connection which, in itself poses a problem. If you didn’t have one, its kaput, if it went down, same deal.

Pulselocker seem to have addressed this by letting customers download copies of the tunes they want (in proprietary format I guess), which will go some way to calming the masses.

Another point of contention is the quality of the stream itself, for example: without premium paid membership on Spotify you’ll be playing files at 256kb, and 96k at its lowest. Thats simply not good enough for club level sound systems.

Again, this is covered: 320k standard stream with WAV soon to follow. Although I guess you’d need to be downloading requests well in advance of actually playing them!


But what about the Artists!?

This is also an issue for me, I want the people making the music I love to be properly compensated for their creations. Referencing Spotify again, they pay roughly 0.002p per play. Thats not a whole lot.

It can add up, for sure, but for small labels it’s simply not profitable enough to justify. So much so that the beloved distributor of a large percentage of dnb; stholdings removed their entire catalogue from Spotify!

That’s no fun, and makes it useless for dnb. But if they aren’t seeing enough cash, imagine how little the artists are getting!


So what about this Pulselocker service? Well to be honest, I don’t know. I believe after they are out of private beta it will become evident. They do however allow for a purchase of the full song through their service, hopefully the artists and distributors in question will be compensated justly. Although with their experience with the aforementioned Spotify,  I’m sure if it wasn’t good enough, they wouldn’t allow for them to distribute their music.


I do believe that DJ’s are the last bastion of hope for music, without them, I’m not sure many people would buy music. I’m not talking about the advertising put out by the DJ’s for the music either, im talking about the DJ’s being the only ones left buying the music!

A service such as this has the opportunity to strip that source of funding down even further, but I guess its only as much as the current middle-men, i.e. Beatport/Juno/TrackItDown/etc but we’ll have to see!


Fancy a look to quell the curiosity? Sign up to the beta here: http://launch.pulselocker.com?lrRef=pym3Z

The Opening DJ

The opening DJ slot is a much mis-understood and chronically abused place. Somewhere thats commonly reserved for the resident DJ’s, up-and-coming artists or maybe just the promoters friend that facies a bash on the decks.

It takes more than a cheap DJ with the beatport top 100 to properly set the tone for a night though. It takes a professional and a music lover, as Jack O’Shaughnessy explains in this old, but still incredibly relevant article from resident advisor: The esoteric art of the opening DJ