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HID Vs Timecode

Ive often wondered of the differences between these two meduims. CDJ timecode always seems to bail on me randomly, which isnt a good look for traktor. Maybe HID is a better way to do things?

DJTechTools once again brings the goods: http://www.djtechtools.com/2012/03/01/hid-vs-timecode-comparing-digital-dj-control-systems/


I think I’ll stick to control vinyl until CDJ 2000’s become standard. Which will probably be never.


The Midi Fighter 3D!

I’ve been a big fan of DJ Tech Tools (DJTT) for a long time. Ean, the founder, who coined the term ‘controllerism’ has created a new branch of the DJ gear tree and pioneered some of the best custom DJ tools and software mappings out there.

The midi fighter has been a long-standing figure-head of the DJTT brand. Its been through several iterations over several years. Unlike many companies where iteration literally means changing the colour a bit, DJTT listen to their fan base and deliver something totally unique and interesting.

Whilst the concept of a 16 button controller is not unique, it’s the additions to this latest iteration that really caught my attention.

An accelerometer and gyroscope in the latest midi fighter is totally mad, and totally suits Ean Goldens eclectic performance routines. But it looks awesome!

I probably wouldn’t use the movement controls much, It looks like you need a bit of room for it, heh. But the 4 banks of controls, and 6 side shift buttons along with the more rugged design definitely sit well with me.

I only have to justify the price tag now 😉

Dull article here: http://www.djtechtools.com/2012/02/27/introducing-the-midi-fighter-3d/