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Phace – Motor EP Series (Neosignal)



Neosignal’s releases are few and far between, but when we do get a drop, you can be damn sure its the hottest drum & bass to splash down that month.

The Motor EP is no exception, with its massive neurofunk breaks and collabs from Noisa AND Mefjus I think its safe to assume you’ll be hearing these around a lot in the coming months!


Junction 12 EP – IM:Ltd

JUNCTION 12 promo visual (600x600)


2012 has been a fulfilling year for IM:Ltd and with the sonic summer being definitively over, the French based label gets back moodier than ever with ‘Junction 12’, a collection of 6 meticulously picked Drum & Bass tracks from some of the hottest talents on board that comes in the form of a 3×12” vinyl series.

Disc 1 sees Berlin producer Es.tereo going back to some of his darker playgrounds with ‘Junction 12’, an autonomic influenced stepper forged on obsessive robotic vocals and industrial klanks. On the B side, French techstep veterans Kantyze deliver a surprisingly uncluttered roller named ‘Tough Breaker’. Simple & efficient.

With releases on labels such as Goldie’s legendary imprint Metalheadz , 2012 has been a wealthy year as well for Mortem as he returns to IM:Ltd with ‘Converter’, another brilliant track that won’t contradict his well earned reputation for creating music that causes serious damages on dance floors across the globe. The flip consist of ‘Amour King’, the first vinyl effort from Quartz , a new duo hailing from Cardiff.

On Disc 3, Gerwin steps up his game with ‘It’s All In Your Head’, a seedy piece of minimal tech funk. Once again, his ease and versatility definitively makes him one of the name to be watched out for in the coming months. Last but not least, Belgian producer Atmospherix teams up with S-Vb for some ‘modular revenge’.
Raw sickness.

A side: Es.tereo – Junction 12
B side: Kantyze – Tough Breaker
C side: Mortem – Converter
D side: Quartz – Amour King
E side: Gerwin – It’s All In Your Head
F side: Atmospherix & S-Vb – Modular Revenge

Cat Ref: IMLTD 1210
Format: 3×12” Vinyl & digital download
Release: 2013 January 28th

Genesis EP Vol.4 – Metalheadz


The long standing Genesis EP series is getting a refresher with a taste of the new school coming December 10th, this is looking rather large!

Full Tracklisting:

Mortem – Iceburg
FD – Break and Enter
Prolix – What you Need
Quadrant and Iris – Anthropocene

Optiv, BTK & Borderline – The Remixes EP 2 (Dutty Audio)

This phat selection of remixes was out a couple of weeks ago as a Beatport exclusive. I hate Beatport exclusives, you might aswell buy the vinyl for that price!

Fortunately all exclusives come to an end in a digital world and this is now available at a more reasonable price from everywhere else, and yes, you should buy it, if only for the mefjus remix alone.

This guys sound blows my mind, I cannot wait to start my own mini earthquake with this track at my next gig!


Black Sun Empire – From The Shadows Album Sampler (Black Sun Empire Recordings)

Well this is looking tasty! With remixes from the likes of telekenisis, mindscape, neonlight and jade its a safe bet it’ll be a stormer of an ep, destined to melt faces across a world of dancefloors.

Enough talk, more music. Go listen now!

Out Now! http://www.junodownload.com/products/from-the-shadows-album-sampler/2034554-02/

Calyx & Teebee – Elevate This Sound / Hurting

I nearly missed this one! Preposterous I know, but those are the best moments, when you find a truly wonderful EP you weren’t expecting.


RAM Records have been around forever. But their recent output, whilst consistent, didn’t tickle me in the same way the mighty dispatch and critical do. Until now of course.


The second recent EP from this duo showcasing the talent that’s putting together an LP for later in the year. If this is anything to go by, it’ll be a blinder!

Gut wrenching bass, steppy drums and haunting vocals make both sides of this EP an unsuspecting dancefloor smasher, and those are the best kind, the ones that drag you back to the front of the crowd to stick your head in a bass bin and screw up your face.


This is definitely getting some airtime at bloom!



I just hope RAM records dont release all the good stuff from the forthcoming LP before it lands, but I have faith.