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CRIT066 – Injustice/Affliction – Foreign Concept/Sabre/Riya

More new music coming out of the woodwork today, and its not even a monday!

Something a little different from usual coming from the Critical camp this time and if the names are anything to go by, you know its gonna be a smasher; Foreign Concept, Sabre & Riya. Nice.


Now Riya is pretty much the queen of liquid dnb, with a rock solid foundation paired up alongside Lenzman or Total Science. She’s not a total stranger to the Critical sound though with smash hits like Enei’s No Fear, but I wouldn’t expect to see her name next to these other two heavyweights on Critical.


Its a good combo though! She’s tamed the snarling beats of Foreign Concept with a smooth deep roller that still maintains touches of their tech dnb roots with industrial style percussion.


Sabre’s no stranger to deep rolling beats, and a really nice match to Riya. An upbeat jazzy number with elegant off key piano licks piercing and reverberating through Riya’s dulcet tones. I could picture this one in a jazz club surrounded by smoke and red lights.

Overall; lovely listening and a really different taste from Critical Music.

Out now on Surus! Only 50 Vinyl copies of this pre-release edition available, all come with a sticker and poster!




Ingredients 029 – Mise En Place (Various Artists)

A relatively new label to the drum & bass scene ingredients was founded in 2009 by DJ Psylence to a warm reception with their first EP featuring Sato & Break. Things have gone from strength to strength for the little label pushing the definitive underground sound from up and coming artists such as Skeptical, Jubei, Krakota and Dub Phizix to name but a few.

Traditionally, ingredients has been firmly about deep drum & bass, not the kind that smashes dancefloors to pieces but the kind you’d hear in the second room with all the hardcore fans.

To that end I’d be surprised to see an ingredients release in the top 10 on beatport, but that may be about to change with this latest release. . .

Ingredients records presents first of two various artists EPs this year. “Mise en place” is the 2-part series and showcases some of the finest music signed to the label so far.

Kodo ‘the jackal’ (dBridge Remix)

A first time appearance for dbridge on ingredients and hopefully not the last! Setting the pace with a huge steppy roller, true to form, dbridge brings out the impeccable production techniques with his tight, intricate drum patterns and loping basslines, accented with eerie vocal layers leading the edge to even darker synth stabs. Some say dbridge’s style is a little monotonous, layer it up with some shuffle from another song and it becomes an entirely different beast.

Kinetic & Mark Recoil ‘Cold Streets’:

Continuing the flavour is another deep roller from this debut duo; a steady paced head bobber of a tune led by dark pads and one shot vocals. Very minimalistic with some quality bass work, its an easy fit for the ingredients label.

I cant help but think the strings take a lot of the energy out from the tune though, theyre quite loud in the mix and the bass growls occasionally battle for space with them.

Foreign Concept ‘Jaipur’ (Villem remix):

Asian strings and choirs set the scene for this monster, sour notes build the tension impeccably till the murderous b-line can be contained no more. Unleashing a beast of a dancefloor smasher that’s caught the attention of many of dnb’s top dj’s. If youve listened to a mix from one of the big boys in the last 3 months you’ll most probably recognise this. With its distinctive bounce and understated snare, a lovely shuffle keeps the tune rolling nicely. I can only imagine what this sounds like on a big rig, I bet its epic.

Villem’s been ‘one to watch’ for a while, if this is anything to go by, he’s gonna have a hell of a year!

Stealth & Stylus ‘One Way’:

Theres immediatley a much lighter mood to this track than the rest of the EP. Bright, enticing pads and soulful female vocals set the stage for the opening of a happy roller with a tough edge that only shows its face a third of the way through with some dark etched growls clawing through the pads. Its a nice sound I’d like to see more of on ingredients.

Overall a great look for Ingredients,  pushing out big names whilst giving the new blood a chance to get their tunes on a huge EP. Well worth bagging for your record crate.

Due for release on Sept 17th on vinyl & digital.

Go check the previews over on soundcloud now! http://soundcloud.com/ingredients

Ingredients 029 – Misé En Place EP pt.1

Big things on the horizon from Ingredients! This is set to be a LARGE ep with sounds from the likes of dbridge, villem and foreign concept to name but a few.


I’ll have a follow up review to this closer to the release, but for now, check out these previews:


Full release on the 17th september

Free Music!

Want some free stuff to pad out those playlists a bit?

Vicious Circle & Kasra – Black Walls

Portishead – Roads [Hosta Late At Night Bootleg] [Free Download]

LSB – This Feeling


Blu Mar Ten – All Or Nothing  (Krakota remix)


dRamatic & dbAudio – Smile


Foreign Concept – Response


Ivax – White Lilies, Your Eyes, (Bulb 2012 RE EDIT)



That should keep you busy for a bit 😉


Critical: Sequence Two Announced

Sequence one was a masterpiece, absolute top notch dnb by the heads at the top of their game. Kasra let us know a little while back there was a sequence two in the works, he’s now come out with a tracklist to drool over:


Side A Enei Feat Riya – No Fear (Spectrasoul Rmx)
Side B Cyantific & Kasra – Minerva
Side C Foreign Concept & Xtrah – Harsh Reality
Side D Kasra & Enei – So Real


Enei Feat Riya – No Fear (Spectrasoul Rmx)

Cyantific & Kasra – Minerva

Kasra & Enei – So Real