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Phace – Motor EP Series (Neosignal)



Neosignal’s releases are few and far between, but when we do get a drop, you can be damn sure its the hottest drum & bass to splash down that month.

The Motor EP is no exception, with its massive neurofunk breaks and collabs from Noisa AND Mefjus I think its safe to assume you’ll be hearing these around a lot in the coming months!


Mefjus – Signalz / Mefjus & Kasra – Cypher (Critical Music)



Big things coming from the critical camp once again with Mefjus and Kasra teaming up to bring you some more ridiculous beats.

This still maintains the classic Mefjus flavour, but feels a little different. Hopefully He’s been working on a progression from his breakthrough sound,  which, while awesome, has been heavily rinsed by him and his imitators.



release date: 18/03/13

Critical X Compilation (Critical Records)


Up for grabs this christmas are some long awaited VIP’s and remixes coming straight from kasras dub-plate, sex-fest of a record box.

£7.99 will bag you a vinyl with So Real (Mefjus Remix) and Surface VIP aswell as 16 tracks over download! Not bad.

Not all these tracks are new, this is more of a retrospective on some bangers that have been lost in the years of new music and deserve a dust off from the archives for another rinse-out.

Critical are leading the way when it comes to keeping vinyl alive, I think Kasra understands that its turning into more of a collectors thing. I dont know many people that go out of their way to bag £30 of records each week, its much easier and cheaper to stock up on digital nowadays.

You can only bag this bundle from Surus: http://www.surus.co.uk/Critical-Music/Surface-VIP-So-Real-(Mefjus-Remix)-20167.aspx

from the 7th Dec.

The vinyl will be available from other outlets shortly after.

Under The Radar

I’m kicking off a new blog feature this week; Under The Radar.

We all miss a few gems here n’ there, it can be quite difficult to stay on top of all the new releases and speculation flying round t’interwebz on a daily basis. So, as and when I find them, I’ll be highlighting these under appreciated tracks in the hope of giving you a bit of interesting ammunition for your record crate.

This week we kick off with a stinker of a 12 from little label Breed 12 Inches.

Mefjus has had quite the spate of new releases recently on some big named labels, no to mention his recent signing to Critical,  so it was surprising to see this come out on lesser known Breed.

Collabed with M-Force these two have made a cracking pair of tunes. Abandon features the Mefjus neurofunk charm we all know and love, his signature sound; tight, earth shaking bass and surgical precision on the breaks.

The flip; Struggle & Pain is something a little different, a roller! As you’d expect, nice deep rolling bass on this one led by lyrics of Maksim, its a steppy tune with hints of skeptical in there, but the signature sound of Mefjus is there, although subdued, bubbling away in the back with brief accents through the vocal layer.

Out now: http://www.junodownload.com/products/mef-jus-m-force-abandon/2084153-02/

Optiv & BTK – Whatever (Mefjus remix)

absolute fire from Mefjus once again.



Theres no doubt he’s developed his own sound and fits in nicely up with the likes of noisia & spor. You’ll be hearing more from this guy in the year to come, a lot more.

If you like this and didnt catch his latest release on neosignal then I suggest you hop on over and bag it immediatley:



Mefjus – Far Too Close / Distantia (Neodigital003)


Mefjus is a new serious threat to emerge from the Austrian Drum and Bass scene lately. His furious productions and collaborations speak for themselves and can be found in most of the neurofunk mixes out there right now. With the latest release with Kung track entitled ‘Exhale’ and futuristic roller such as ‘Metaknowledge’ he proves that his sound and style is perfect for Phace & Misanthrops high standards matured enough to be sealed in Neosignal ‘brother’ label, Neodigital with third release.

The A side delivers Far Too Close, a profound, techy roller with psychedelic snares and skintight production.

Heading up the B side Mefjus provides with Distantia. Its introduction is layered skin deep with atmospheric synths, which drops into perfectly unconventional funk.

Released by: Neodigital
Release/catalogue number: NDGTL003
Release date: Mar 19, 2012