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Ulterior Motive – Right Here / Elephant Tune (Metalheadz 007)

A name synonymous with quality drum & bass, I pay attention when Ulterior Motive drop a new EP. This ones coming on Metalheadz sometime sooner or later.

Interesting to see UM dipping their toes in dubstep, its probably one of the best dubstep tunes I’ve heard in a while!


Ulterior Motive – Star Warz ‘All Headz’ promo mix

This ones a no-brainer, get on the DL!



Genesis EP Vol.4 – Metalheadz


The long standing Genesis EP series is getting a refresher with a taste of the new school coming December 10th, this is looking rather large!

Full Tracklisting:

Mortem – Iceburg
FD – Break and Enter
Prolix – What you Need
Quadrant and Iris – Anthropocene

Future Cut – Obsession ft. Jenna G (Ulterior Motive Remix) – Metalheadz


A classic revisited by the great Ulterior Motive. A stonker of a track coming on October 22nd!

Available digitally and on limited edition picture disc:









mmmm, picture disk. I know which one I’m getting! 😀

Amit – Killer Driller / Colour Blind (Metalheadz)


After his killer release on Exit earlier this year, Amit is set to continue the deep vibes with another cracker of a release on none other that the mighty Metalheadz!

A pair of dutty tunes that reflect the same bass heavy, rolling style he’s become well known for, expect these to be smashing the pants of ravers on dancefloors the world over very soon!



coming to you from the 1st October from all good retailers.

Jubei Ft. Flowdan – Say Nothin’

With a bucket load of fat releases under his belt last year I’ve been waiting to see whats coming from the Jubei camp. Its all been quiet since the start of the year, thankfully he’s been busy creating some badness:



Forthcoming on metalheadz

Goldie – Freedom / The Statement (Metalheadz #100)

So we knew Goldie was going to be bringing out something special for Metalheadz #100 release. Instead of just dropping tidbits for the community to speculate on (as if they havent enough already), he’s come straight out with one track on this new EP from the man himself!

An ambient roller filled with loose breaks and dark guitar riffs, culminating with huge, resonant vocal lines from Natalie Duncan. There can be no question that the production is as tight as you’d ever want it to be, but is this the making of a future classic? A sign of progress? Or an off the wall track from a label head? You decide, comment below 🙂

Coming 2nd April 2012