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Programmed V1.0 – Program Records



After a flying start last year Program Records are set to continue their onslaught of top shelf dnb from the go with their very first compilation; Programmed V1.0.



01. Nitri – Concentration

02. Audio & Meth – Alone

03. Eastcolors – Murderer

04. Paul B – Drop By Drop


I’m not sure this release sits as well with me as some of their previous. It seems like a bit of a mashup of eclectic tunes, but that’s cool. Concentration has airs of autonomic about it with very synthetic, clean programming.

Alone definitely follows on Audio’s vibe from his album, more of the same! Murderer is a little different to what I’ve come to expect from Eastcolors, theres more of a RAM records vibe to it, just aswell its on program then eh!

By far the most interesting release for me is Paul B’s; Drop by Drop. Dancefloor synth stabs sit nicely alongside the steppy drums.


go check it out and make your mind up for yourself!



Released 3rd Feb 2013


Sick Music 3 (Hospital Records)


I’m not ashamed to say that the original Sick Music LP got me into drum & bass, that lead me into the Hospital back catalogue and down the rabbit hole, the rest is history!

My tastes haven’t changed all that much in the few short years since then, but I think the music has, this is especially true for Hospital Records.

Year on year hospital have released compilation albums filled with the latest craze in dancefloor mayhem and progressively more piercing mid-range basslines. This has lead many avid fans of the label to turn their noses up in favour of deeper offerings with their roots firmly planted in the underground.

Fortunately I feel the dnb/dubstep pop bubble is popped if not waning. I see this also in the change in music from Hospital, lately there’s been much more credible and diverse music coming from the label.

So what of Sick Music 3 . . . . .

A look over the tracklisting might raise a few eyebrows, new names synonymous with the underground make their debut on Hospital; Gridlok, Technimatic, Sunchase & Krakota to name but a few.

These sit alongside the more familiar hospital crew bringing something a little more light hearted to the LP.

Check the link for a good selection of youtube previews: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgDnAjlGZItam8Yr_fu1kDM7u8geGJJMl

It’s looking good folks!

Drum & Bass On Demand LP (Demand Records)

Swiss label; Demand records has rocketed from relative obscurity to a household name in only a year thanks to the calibre of music its releasing. Theres no denying that they aim high, and deliver. Looking back to their first ever release, they got spectrasoul on remix duties. You dont do that if your looking to start a small label, go big or go home.

The past year has seen a release list with some top quality names from the likes of BTK, Lenzman, LSB, Clarity, Spinline, I could go on but you get the picture. Safe to say you’d be mad not to check out their back catalogue.

Coming at you on the 26th of November 2012 is Demand’s very first LP: Drum & Bass On Demand

A few previews are surfacing slowly but surely:

This ones set to be heavy.

Special release coming to Surus, so watch the skies 😉

Calyx & Teebee – All Or Nothing (RAM Records)


The next EP is coming! From the RAM Records site:

All Or Nothing’ is the long-awaited follow up to Calyx & TeeBee’s debut album ‘Anatomy’ set to be released on one of the bass music scene’s longest running and most highly respected labels, Ram Records. The duo’s first single from their new album has already been supported by Zane Lowe, Annie Mac, Trevor Nelson and many more of the world’s leading tastemakers, and ‘All Or Nothing’ looks set to catapult this incredible production partnership to all new heights.

Ive had the chance to listen to the album (albeit breifly) and you are in for a treat. Although as I feared, there wont be many tracks left to buy if you’ve already scooped up their latest singles!

Track listings:

Vinyl EP
A. Heroes & Villains
B. We Fall Away
C. Skank
D. Nothing I Can Say

CD / Digital

01. Heroes & Villians
02. Pure Gold ft. Kemo
03. Skank
04. We Become One ft. Foreign Beggars & Craze
05. Elevate This Sound
06. We Fall Away
07. Scavenger
08. Strung Out
09. You’ll Never Take Me Alive ft. Beardyman
10. Starstruck
11. Back & Forth
12. Nothing I Could Say

Cat No: RAMMLP15
Release Date: 5th November 2012



S.P.Y. – What The Future Holds – Hospital Records



So you may have noticed SPY’s new debut album on Hospital records! Its a quality LP and I’d expect nothing less from this legend of dnb.

If you havent snagged a copy yet yourself, head on over to the hospital shop and pick up a copy now!



Along with this eagerly awaited launch spy’s been doing the rounds with the interviews, go check out what the man himself has to say:




Calyx & Teebee – Elevate This Sound / Hurting

I nearly missed this one! Preposterous I know, but those are the best moments, when you find a truly wonderful EP you weren’t expecting.


RAM Records have been around forever. But their recent output, whilst consistent, didn’t tickle me in the same way the mighty dispatch and critical do. Until now of course.


The second recent EP from this duo showcasing the talent that’s putting together an LP for later in the year. If this is anything to go by, it’ll be a blinder!

Gut wrenching bass, steppy drums and haunting vocals make both sides of this EP an unsuspecting dancefloor smasher, and those are the best kind, the ones that drag you back to the front of the crowd to stick your head in a bass bin and screw up your face.


This is definitely getting some airtime at bloom!



I just hope RAM records dont release all the good stuff from the forthcoming LP before it lands, but I have faith.