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Tuned In Two (CIA Records)

Over a decade after the original Tuned In compilation, comes the aptly named; Tuned In Two. This shouldn’t be confused as some kind of ‘cash in of random tracks that didnt fit an EP’ though, its a well constructed LP and one which pulls no punches, this IS the definitive sound of CIA records.

Its a deep affair filled with some of the most top tier, timeless artists to grace the scene. Familiar names like break, total science, calibre, zero-T & Fracture bring straight up badness from across the dnb spectrum, from sweet, liquid rollers to tear-out dancefloor smashers, theyre all here and begging for your record crate.

“Trends and fashions come and go within all the dance music genres but even after all this time there is still an underlying straight up timeless Drum & Bass sound & quality we feel & can’t be ignored which needs to be pushed forward and presented as a collection”


1. Total Science, Kevin J. King, S.P.Y – Pat Lives (Lenzman Remix)
2. Break – Slipstream
3. Calibre – Clipper Man
4. 8 Bits & Q Project – Low End Theory
5. Riya Ft Zero T – Stolen Moments
6. Fracture – The Breaks
7. Spirit – Dream Demon
8. Proktah – Trust
9. Sinistarr & Grimm – Anything
10. Total Science – Going In Circles (Break Remix)
11. Total Science Ft Riya – Cold Blood
12. Beta 2 – Perceptions

Some of my faves are listed below, follow the links through to soundcloud for the rest


Out today (19/11/12) from all decent record shops: http://www.junodownload.com/products/total-science-presents-tuned-in-2/2082319-02/


CRIT066 – Injustice/Affliction – Foreign Concept/Sabre/Riya

More new music coming out of the woodwork today, and its not even a monday!

Something a little different from usual coming from the Critical camp this time and if the names are anything to go by, you know its gonna be a smasher; Foreign Concept, Sabre & Riya. Nice.


Now Riya is pretty much the queen of liquid dnb, with a rock solid foundation paired up alongside Lenzman or Total Science. She’s not a total stranger to the Critical sound though with smash hits like Enei’s No Fear, but I wouldn’t expect to see her name next to these other two heavyweights on Critical.


Its a good combo though! She’s tamed the snarling beats of Foreign Concept with a smooth deep roller that still maintains touches of their tech dnb roots with industrial style percussion.


Sabre’s no stranger to deep rolling beats, and a really nice match to Riya. An upbeat jazzy number with elegant off key piano licks piercing and reverberating through Riya’s dulcet tones. I could picture this one in a jazz club surrounded by smoke and red lights.

Overall; lovely listening and a really different taste from Critical Music.

Out now on Surus! Only 50 Vinyl copies of this pre-release edition available, all come with a sticker and poster!



Critical: Sequence Two Announced

Sequence one was a masterpiece, absolute top notch dnb by the heads at the top of their game. Kasra let us know a little while back there was a sequence two in the works, he’s now come out with a tracklist to drool over:


Side A Enei Feat Riya – No Fear (Spectrasoul Rmx)
Side B Cyantific & Kasra – Minerva
Side C Foreign Concept & Xtrah – Harsh Reality
Side D Kasra & Enei – So Real


Enei Feat Riya – No Fear (Spectrasoul Rmx)

Cyantific & Kasra – Minerva

Kasra & Enei – So Real


Total Science & Riya – Unspoken (Free Download)


Pretty much a match made in heaven for you liquid heads out there. These two epic artists collab on a free tune to get your hairs standing on end. I would gladly pay for this track, but free means its an instabag!Get on it!