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SPY – Nightcall (Hospital Records)

More deep business from spy!



S.P.Y. – What The Future Holds – Hospital Records



So you may have noticed SPY’s new debut album on Hospital records! Its a quality LP and I’d expect nothing less from this legend of dnb.

If you havent snagged a copy yet yourself, head on over to the hospital shop and pick up a copy now!



Along with this eagerly awaited launch spy’s been doing the rounds with the interviews, go check out what the man himself has to say:




Fresh Tunes

Morning all,

A few new previews are surfacing of some upcoming badness from various producers


Total Science & SPY ft. Kevin King – Past Lives – Lenzman Remix

A wicked tune in its day, the original still gets a rinsing once in a while on my decks. The Lenzman remix, in true Lenz’ style, rounds off the sharp edges and makes it roll like a fuckin’ wagon wheel. Nice

Forthcoming on the 5th Nov on CIA


RAMM 124 – Calyx & TeeBee – Pure Gold/Perspectives

More previews from the RAMM camp, this ones looking promising! Yet more singles from Calyx and Teebee! A wicked pair of tunes, but I’d like there to be some left for the album! hehe.

Out on Oct 29th


Dispatch 63A – Roxy Music – Zero T

Zero T has been a little quiet of late, his footprints label hasnt really put anything out for a while either. So its nice to see him come back into the fray with a much anticipated single on Dispatch.

This ones a bit more chillout than I’m used to on Dispatch, but a great track none-the-less!

Coming Oct 22nd

DRS – I Dont Ususally Like MC’s, But . . . (Soul:R)



With a reputation now stretching well over 15 years, DRS is a truly versatile MC, host, lyricist and recording artist. Cutting his teeth and touring worldwide with the legendary Good Looking label, his soulful style on the mic and honest lyrics are unmatched. In recent years, he has been an integral part of the Soul:r camp, recording tracks with Mist:ical, Calibre, Marcus Intalex, and Lynx & Kemo and appearing as resident MC for Soul:ution and A Bunch of Cuts nights. To show the versatility and wide appeal of his unique style, in 2012 he has now become part of the Toddla T sound system as Toddla T’s official MC. On top of all these achievements, DRS is also head of the Estate Recordings label in Manchester, part of hip-hop crew Broke’n’English, (alongside fellow MC Strategy and DJ Konny Kon), and a respected recording artist in his own right with a massive hit ‘D.F.T.F’ on Metalheadz alongside Need For Mirrors kicking off what promises to be the best year yet for this talented Mancunian.

His recent output including the massive Count To Ten with Enei and Holding On with Lenzman have really set the bar high for the rest of his new album, but we wont be dissapointed. A quick flick through the tracklist reveals an album literally brimming with talent:


1. Soul Remember ft. Fox (Prod. Dub Phizix)
2. Blackhearted (Prod. Lynx)
3. Autonomic (Prod. dBridge)
4. Do What? (Prod. Genotype)
5. Star Voyager ft. Jenna G (Prod. S.P.Y)
6. It Ain’t Easy ft. Kim Nishikawra & Tyler Daley (Prod. Marcus Intalex)
7. Play Wid Fire (Prod. Dub Phizix)
8. Renegade ft. Kemo (Prod. S.P.Y)
9. Holding On ft. Jehst & Riya (Prod. Lenzman)
10. Keep The Faith (Prod. Calibre)
11. Count To Ten (Prod. Enei)
12. Bun Ya ft. Strategy, Fox, Skittles, Konny Kon & T Man (Prod. Dub Phizix & Chimpo)
13. Habitual (Prod. Calibre)
14. Raindrops ft. Pete Simpson (Prod. Lenzman)
15. Music To Me (Prod. Marcus Intalex)


Now that’s what I call an album. Cannot wait for this one.


Previews can be found here: http://www.digital-tunes.net/releases/i_don_t_usually_like_mc_s_but__

Preorder from the Soul:R shop: http://mp3.soulr.com/album/i-dont-usually-like-mcs-but

Release date: 27th Aug 2012



S.P.Y – What The Future Holds (Hospital Records 219)

Hot on the heels of the Love & Hate EP released earlier this year on Hospital comes the long awaited full length album from Spy; What The Future Holds.

A long time veteran of the dnb scene, he’s earnt much respect from everyone for his consistent delivery and true versatility. Many people lauded his signing to Hospital who have gone from underground figure head status, to commercial icons in a few short years. This was followed by quite a dilution of quality from the label,  which is a shame. Having said that though, the last few releases on hospital have had some great content.

You can imagine the distaste of the underground to speculate on the potential damage to S.P.Y’s sound that could be attributed to his hospital signing. Imagine our surprise then to hear the fruits of his labour, untarnished and bringing renewed faith in Hospital Records.

Previews are up for SPY’s new album on the hospital store, no doubt they’ll be up on souncloud soon too.


Its sounding pretty tasty! Once again delivering his diverse sound though liquid lovelys and dancefloor smashers, there really will be something for everyone on this LP.

Release date is set for 1st October.

Howitzer – June Studio Mix (free download)

I got a new studio! Yay!

So now its all setup and cushty its time to piss the neighbours off 😉

I’ve rounded up a good mix of my faves of the moment and smashed them all together in some coherant fashion using 3 decks of fire!

Get downloading, get it on that USB stick / phone. Get the good headphones out, (not those crappy apple ones!) and Enjoy 🙂

All Thoughts Are Prayers – (Marcus Intalex Remix)    Blu Mar Ten    
How Did I Let U Go (feat. Riya) – Lenzman feat. Riya    
Last Night – DJ Marky & S.P.Y.    
All Yours (S.P.Y Remix) – Submotion Orchestra    
Stratos (Stunna remix) – Mortem
Blind Soul – Blu Mar Ten    
Light In The Dark – SpectraSoul feat. Terri Walker    
The Touch – Mortem
Falling    – Cursa    
Keep Your Head High (feat Maurs)- Arp XP
Fear The Satellites – Heavy1    
You Look Better Dead – Amit    
Rebellion – Sa-Fire
Tripped    – Amoss
Halo Danger – Sabre    
Mob Justice (Enei Remix) – Foreign Concept    
So Real – Kasra & Enei    
The Tube VIP – Spectrasoul    
Solar Plexus – Villem
Footloose (Octane, DLR & Linden Remix) – Amoss    
Say Nothin – Jubei feat. Flowdan    
Condenser – The Break    
Up&Down     – Maztek
Clouds – Spy    
No Fear (Spectrasoul Remix) – Enei & Riya    
Connections (Edit remix) – Cursa

Howitzer – Between The Lines

Well, I’m snowed in this sunday, no bloody way am I going outside. So what better way to warm the cockles than a liquid mix to bring back some of those summer vibes im craving.



Some of my recent favourites and old classics, beautiful liquid rollers all the way.

Sunday Morning – Nuage & N4M3
Rearview – Tokyo Prose
Separation – Phors & Nolehn
When Our Word Jaded (Seba Remix) – Furi Anga
Tangled Dream – Technicolour
They’re Wrong – The Break
Beyond Belief – Bcee
Secret Place (Random Movement Remix) – DJ Marky & Makoto
Ladder (Amen VIP) – Velocity & Key MC
Parity – Tokyo Prose
Many Things – Random Movement & Ben Soundscape
Don’t Exist (Anile Remix) – Nuage & THRN
Talk – Imagery
Twice (LSB Bootleg) – Little Dragon
Bittersweet pt 2 ft. Riya – Lenzman
Mystic Sunset –    DJ Marky, S.P.Y.
This Town Is Ours (S.P.Y Remix) – Marco Del Horno feat. Emi Green
Fade Away – Lenzman ft. Jo-S
Don’t Want Your Love – Calibre
One Big Family (Hybrid Minds Bootleg) – Temple Cloud


For those of you after something on a heavier tip, keep checking back. Ive got a stack of bangers that are just itching to be smashed together.