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Liquid Sessions On Livity FM

If you didn’t catch the broadcast last night for whatever reason you can grab it here: http://www.livityfmradio.com/apps/podcast/podcast/288702


There was a little fuck up at the beginning of the broadcast, the recording may have missed a couple of minutes off the beginning, but you wont have missed much.

Tracklisting here:

Butterfly – Hibea
Embers – B Locks
The Aftermath – Flaco & Glen E.ston
Life Under Construction – Roygreen
Hard Times – S.T. Files & Response
Just Like You – Naibu feat. Key
Full Hd – Sunchase
Afterthought – Ivy Lab
Cant describe – Seba
Rainha – Zero T
Parity (Klute Remix) – Tokyo Prose & Phil Tangent
Zero Degrees (Stunna Remix) – Radicall
Don’t Want Your Love – Calibre
One Big Family (Hybrid Minds Bootleg) – Temple Cloud
Garden (Calibre remix) – Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
Away With Me (feat. Tamara Blessa) (Calibre Remix) – SpectraSoul feat. Tamara Blessa
UnEarthed – Spectrasoul
Plugs – Calibre
The Hurting – Lsb
Brain Stimulation – Nymfo
Oblique – Sabre
Rainy City Music – Dub Phizix

Howitzer – Livity Sessions – Jan 22nd

For all you guys who missed the live show on Livity FM last night, heres the recording  🙂




Meant to Be – Hybrid Minds
Floating Island – Mr Joseph feat. Pennygiles
Here To Wherever (Original) – Gridlok
Get Close – Mortem
Visitation – Survival & Silent Witness Ft. Klute
Thin Line – Enei
Call to War – Phibes Feat MC PM
What You Need – Prolox
Drum Circle – Ulterior Motive & FD
Defence – The Billion
Touch Response – Survival & Silent Witness
Only Demon – Arclight
Inspector (Original Mix) – Inertia
Barn (Break Remix) – Sato
into the distance (break remix) – naibu & key & ena
Spiritual – Mikal
Templar (Original Mix) – Minor Rain
Need You – edIT
Black Hole – Bcee
Block Breaker (Original) – Krakota
The Chant (Rido Rmx) – Mikal
the jackal (dbridge rmx) – Kodo
Dialling Out – Break & Silent Witness
Crawler (Original Mix) – Maztek
So Alone – Chroma
Converter – Mortem
you don’t – arp xp & maurs
Elephants – Enei


Howitzer – Livity Sessions – Jan 8th 2013

Ez All,

If you missed the latest broadcast over on Livity FM you can catch the download here:


If you did manage to tune in and are wondering what the hell I was playing, tracklisting’s here:


Passing Time – Lynx
Soul Truth – Gerwin
Conversations feautring Kevin King (Atlantic Connection Remix) – Mutt
Give It Up (Original) – Etherwood
Infinity (Original Mix) – Eastcolors
Wish You Were Here (feat. Selah Corbin) (S.P.Y Remix) – High Contrast
Black Hole – Bcee
Count The Stars (Hybrid Minds Remix) – BCee feat. Lingby
The Golden Section (Original) – Technimatic
When Our Word Jaded (Seba Remix) – Furi Anga
Block Breaker (Original) – Krakota
Converter – Mortem
Oblique VIP – Ivy Lab
So Alone – Chroma
Here To Wherever (Original) – Gridlok
Truth Hurts – Mindscape
What You Need – Prolox
Understand – Optiv & BTK feat. Sam Wills
Elephants – Enei
Agent – Hybris
Acetate – Chroma
Iceberg – Mortem


Howitzer – Livity Sessions (21/11/12)

For those of you who couldnt tune in my last radio show on Livity FM can be caught on live stream here:


you can also grab it from mixcrate here: http://www.mixcrate.com/livityfmradio/livity-session-201112-229631


Count The Stars (Hybrid Minds Remix) – BCee feat. Lingby
Clipper Man – Calibre
Raised By Wolves – Tokyo Prose
Raindrops – D.R.S.
Hadal Zone – Eleven 8
Limits Of Control – Need For Mirrors feat. Edward Oberon
Roxy Music – Zero T
Plugs – Calibre
Days Running Out – dRamatic and dbAudio
Stolen Moments – Total Science ft RIYA
Trust – Proktah
Turn Over The Page – Cymatic
2012 ft. Eastcolors – Enei
Discordance – Xtrah
Contraband – Audio
whatever (mefjus remix) – optiv & btk
Movin Fast (June Miller Remix) – Enei
find me a home (ulterior motive remix) – duncan, natalie
Firethorn – Frankee
Perceptions – Beta 2
The Moment ft. DRS – Enei
killswitch engage – miller, june/proxima
Dogs and Frogs – Mefjus
Behind The Curtains – Fields
Raya – Halogenix
Minesweeper – Ulterior Motive & Krakota
drop it (optiv remix) – btk
Obsession (Ulterior Motive Remix) – Future Cut
Thin Line – Enei
Pure Gold (feat. Kemo) [Original] – Calyx & TeeBee feat. Kemo

Howitzer on Livity FM – Nov 06, 2012

If you missed the broadcast on Livity FM last night you can grab it from here: http://www.house-mixes.com/profile/livity-fm/play/howitzer06112012-livityfmradiocom



Past Lives (Lenzman Remix) – Total Science & SPY feat Kevin King
Siege Mentality – Zero T
Late Snare – Escher
Strung Out – Calyx & Teebee
Trust – Proktah
Borderline – Soul Culture
Magnetic Fields – M-Zine, Scepticz & Distant Future
We Become One (feat. Foreign Beggars) – Calyx & TeeBee feat. Foreign Beggars
Organiser (Foreign Concept Remix) – SpectraSoul
Behind The Curtains – Fields
Soundclash – Xtrah
The Hills Have Ears – Silent Witness & Break
The Breaks – Fracture
Contraband – Audio
Obsession (Ulterior Motive Remix) – Future Cut
Pure Gold (feat. Kemo) [Original] – Calyx & TeeBee feat. Kemo
Drum Circle – Ulterior Motive & FD
Murmur – Octane
Realtalk – Amoss
Headrush – Amoss
Fall Back (feat. Stapleton) – Audio feat. Stapleton
Bossa Nouveau – Hybris
Bodydouble (Phace Remix) – Pilotpriest
Tripped – Amoss
One Chance (Emperor Remix) – Enei
The Fire – Emperor
Love Has Gone (Dub Phizix Remix) – Netsky
Jaipur (Villem rmx) – Foreign Concept

Livity FM Mixes

A little update from the radio world!

Livity FM has been going strong for a long time building on the premise of a no fuss, no fluff radio station that delivers real, quality music to the people. Theres a great community thats been built on these simple, but rock solid foundations and I’m proud to be part of it.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to give a big shout out to RED; admin at Livity FM for all the support with my show!

Anyway, I digress. Since November I’ve been running a weekly show and have built up quite a large amount of mixes which I think need a bit more visibility on my part!

I’m breaking my shows down into two types: Liquid Sessions and err,  non-liquid sessions . . . or should that be tech sessons . . I’ll leave it to you.

Here’s the full list of shows currently up:





Setlist for 30/10/12:

Love Finds Me – Beta2 + Pete Joseph
Poise (Original Mix) – Eastcolors
Before I Can Breathe – Seba
Stratos (Stunna remix) – Mortem
Hooked (Survival Remix) – Slider & Expose
Blind Soul – Blu Mar Ten
Garden (Calibre remix) – Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
Is Anybody Out There – Bcee, S.P.Y.
Love Affair – DJ Marky & S.P.Y.
Time Flows By (feat. Jo-S) – Eveson feat. Jo-S
Mystic Sunset – DJ Marky, S.P.Y.
Bittersweet pt 2 ft. Riya – Lenzman
Infinity (Original Mix) – Eastcolors
Twice (LSB Bootleg) – Little Dragon
Notting Hill – Calibre
Ladder (Amen VIP) – Velocity & Key MC
Many Things – Random Movement & Ben Soundscape
Go To Nowhere (Original Mix) – Eastcolors
Reach – Tokyo Prose
Star Voyager – D.R.S.
Tangled Dream – Technicolour
When Our Word Jaded (Seba Remix) – Furi Anga
By Your Side – S.P.Y.

Whilst youre on it, check out livity FM’s profile on house mixes: http://www.house-mixes.com/profile/livity-fm

There’s loads of mixes on there from the admins and special guests catering for all sorts of tastes, not just dnb.

Next up on Livity I’ll be putting down something a little grittier, tune in on 06/10/12 at 7:30pm gmt at: http://www.livityfmradio.com/

I’ll be live streaming from the studio over webcam on stream two (halfway down the page).

If you’d like updates on when I’m playing like the FB page on the right >

Come join in the chat and get some sweet dnb in your life 🙂

Livity FM – Tuesday 9th Oct

Ez All,

The new spot on Livity FM is going great!

If you missed the live broadcast you can bag Tuesdays show via the following links:

Live stream: Howitzer – livity FM 09/10/12

mp3: http://media.house-mixes.com/m/Livity-fm/a33e7f07-00fc-4a2e-b357-aa37774a0c3e.mp3