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A Peek At Ni’s New Mixer for Traktor!

We all got a little hint that HI was dropping something a little different yesterday (11/09/2012). Cue wild speculation, etc.

I personally speculated about a 2 channel mixer with F1/X1 controls, basically NI’s answer to the rane 62 and a poke in the eye of Pioneer.

Looks like I was right! Check it out:



DJ Gear Hate

So, if you DJ, youve probably experienced someone (maybe yourself!) bitching about people not using vinyl, or sync buttons, or some other shit. As a hybrid DJ myself (Traktor DVS) I see this as immature, baseless and beating a dead horse.

Most pro DJ’s out there nowadays run some sort of digital setup, whether or not theyve ‘earned their stripes’ is another question. The fact is, they are top of their game and successfully rocking clubs the world over.

DJWORX (formerly Scratchworx) has a great article on this: http://djworx.com/opinion-dj-gear-hate-it-has-to-stop/

If you have any kind of opinion on this I’d urge you to go have a read!

Traktor Kontrol F1 – Scratch Clips /w Shiftee and Greg Nice

Next level business from shiftee . . again!

This guy is really pushing controllerism & turntablism together like no-one else I know at the moment. He must really take some time over these routines he demo’s for NI. great stuff!


Now I want a kontrol F1!

You can salivate over the new F1 page NI has up until its release on May 30th: http://www.native-instruments.com/#/en/products/dj/traktor-kontrol-f1/



Traktor Kontrol F1 & Traktor Pro 2.5 Remix!

So earlier in the week we saw DJ Shiftee messing about on some tasty new hardware from NI. Just announced, here is the press release on the new product, the F1!

Way to overshadow NAMM, NI!

So, taking the Ableton way of doing things and putting them right at your fingertips in Traktor! I like the sound of it!

I have messed around with ableton quite a bit, I do like it as a DAW, its very intuitive, but I’ve never really got to grips with the DJ side of it.

Many people route traktor into ableton as an audio channel (I think), then proceed to mash up clips with an MPC of sorts whilst spinning tunes in traktor too.

The trouble is, running ableton alongside traktor can be quite strenuous on RAM and processing power. Not so much of an issue in this day and age, but running 2 programs at the same time and routing audio through them is probably fraught with pitfalls.

Currently I use 2 X1’s to do external 3 deck mixing, half of 1 X1 is not used for anything much at all, I intended to use them for an extra sample deck but its a bit mind bending trying to juggle whilst properly spinning on 3 decks! Hopefully this’ll introduce a proper workflow around the sample decks without having to create some mind boggling midi mapping. Im interested, and lstening. Impress me NI.

Release for the product, as stated in the video, is April. Im sure we’ll be subject to many more teaser vids before then.