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Howitzer – Livity Sessions (29/01/13)

If you missed the show on Tuesday night you can catch the download here: http://www.livityfmradio.com/apps/podcast/podcast/284551


When It Rains – Stray
Give It Up (Original) – Etherwood
Autumn Comes – Naibu
Only Demon – Arclight
Fatal Attraction – Bcee
Rainha – Zero T
Envious – Commix
Guardian – SpectraSoul
Templar (Original Mix) Minor Rain
Shutter edIT
Human Philosophy Nick Bee
into the distance (break remix) – naibu & key & ena
Spiritual – Mikal
Mob Justice (Enei Remix) – Foreign Concept
Eleven [Amoss Remix] – Dakosa
I’m A Creator – Dub Phizix
Lista – Amoss
Bounce – Sunchase
Architecture (Original Mix) – Mtwn
Aria – Rockwell
Converter – Mortem
Love So True – Break
Saliga ft. Kemo – Enei
Never Give It Up feat. D Lolax (Original Mix) – Kije, D Lolax
Contaminant – Emperor




Livity Sessions

Hi all, in case you missed it my latest rinse out on Livity can be bagged from the following links:



Remember, Tuesday night, 7:30pm (gmt) > http://www.livityfmradio.com/


Sharkskin – Seba
Red Mist VIP – Octane
Machinist – MAZTEK
The Editor – Dub Phizix
True Romance – D Bridge and Vegas
2012 ft. Eastcolors – Enei
drop it (optiv remix) – btk
Darpa – Spinline
Defence – The Billion
Discordance – Xtrah
So Real – Kasra & Enei
Dreadnaught – ICICLE feat SP MC
Need You – edIT
Snapcase – June Miller
The Tube VIP – Spectrasoul
Transition – Survival, Octane & DLR
Greazy – Need For Mirrors ft. Stapleton
Revolta – Mortem
Bring Out – Ulterior Motive & Hybris
The Moment ft. DRS – Enei
Alibi (Break Remix) – Spectrasoul / Break
Be True – Commix
Together – Logistics
find me a home (ulterior motive remix) – duncan, natalie
Jaipur (Villem rmx) – Foreign Concept
Strange Science – Phace
Footloose (Octane, DLR & Linden Remix) – Amoss
St. Clair – Sabre
Wray – Dubone

Livity FM Mixes

A little update from the radio world!

Livity FM has been going strong for a long time building on the premise of a no fuss, no fluff radio station that delivers real, quality music to the people. Theres a great community thats been built on these simple, but rock solid foundations and I’m proud to be part of it.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to give a big shout out to RED; admin at Livity FM for all the support with my show!

Anyway, I digress. Since November I’ve been running a weekly show and have built up quite a large amount of mixes which I think need a bit more visibility on my part!

I’m breaking my shows down into two types: Liquid Sessions and err,  non-liquid sessions . . . or should that be tech sessons . . I’ll leave it to you.

Here’s the full list of shows currently up:





Setlist for 30/10/12:

Love Finds Me – Beta2 + Pete Joseph
Poise (Original Mix) – Eastcolors
Before I Can Breathe – Seba
Stratos (Stunna remix) – Mortem
Hooked (Survival Remix) – Slider & Expose
Blind Soul – Blu Mar Ten
Garden (Calibre remix) – Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
Is Anybody Out There – Bcee, S.P.Y.
Love Affair – DJ Marky & S.P.Y.
Time Flows By (feat. Jo-S) – Eveson feat. Jo-S
Mystic Sunset – DJ Marky, S.P.Y.
Bittersweet pt 2 ft. Riya – Lenzman
Infinity (Original Mix) – Eastcolors
Twice (LSB Bootleg) – Little Dragon
Notting Hill – Calibre
Ladder (Amen VIP) – Velocity & Key MC
Many Things – Random Movement & Ben Soundscape
Go To Nowhere (Original Mix) – Eastcolors
Reach – Tokyo Prose
Star Voyager – D.R.S.
Tangled Dream – Technicolour
When Our Word Jaded (Seba Remix) – Furi Anga
By Your Side – S.P.Y.

Whilst youre on it, check out livity FM’s profile on house mixes: http://www.house-mixes.com/profile/livity-fm

There’s loads of mixes on there from the admins and special guests catering for all sorts of tastes, not just dnb.

Next up on Livity I’ll be putting down something a little grittier, tune in on 06/10/12 at 7:30pm gmt at: http://www.livityfmradio.com/

I’ll be live streaming from the studio over webcam on stream two (halfway down the page).

If you’d like updates on when I’m playing like the FB page on the right >

Come join in the chat and get some sweet dnb in your life 🙂

The Other Side LP – Symmetry Recordings – Exclusive Eastcolors Interview

Initially pegged for release earlier this month The Other Side LP on Symmetry has since been pulled from all major outlets and properly set for release on the 22nd of October. So if you didnt manage to bag yourself a copy then, you wont have too long to wait till it see’s the light of day again.

Its safe to say though that this is a landmark release for Symmetry. Being the first LP on the label to feature a broad range of artists, showcasing the likes of Ulterior Motive, Octane & DLR, Eastcolors & Prolix to name but a few, you’ll be hard pressed to find a release of this calibre on any other dnb label this year.

With a tight focus on tech funk breaks and murderous basslines this release will leave you blown away on each and every track, Break has really out-done himself here. His own contribution to this LP is awesome and I can safely say pretty much every track will be on rotation in my playlists for quite some time.

To mark this release weve got an exclusive interview with Eastcolors!

How stoked we’re you to find out you’d be on the first ever LP on breaks awesome symmetry label?

I feel really excited about that! I’m a biiiiiiiig fan of Break’s music, so I really proud to be a part of it. Be a part of legend haha 😀
Your signature sound shows a heavy Russian influence. How has the music and culture of Russia helped define your style?

Actually I don’t think Russian culture affects on my music. And I think it’s not right to split music on russian, english, asian etc. I split it on music I like and music I don’t like, no matter which nation was original author of it. But I really proud of our guys like Enei, Subwave, Electrosoul System and others, they did a lot of work to show world that russian producer can make world class music.

Who do you look to for influence when you get the dreaded writers block?

First of all, I don’t listen lot of dnb most of time, because I think it’s wrong looking for inspiration in same genre. I’m listening random electronic podcasts, dubstep mixes (not brostep skrillex crap), old rock music, watching films, playing games, walking with girlfriend. You know, sounds is around us, and you will never know what affects on you to make new tune.

Your track; ‘watch out’ feels like a natural progression from your more liquid oriented sounds into the deeper realms. It’s a banger! Can we expect more of this style of sound from you in the future?

Definitely! I started concentrate on deeper growly basses a lot more, but I still don’t want to lose tunes souls. I could make 2-3 tunes from one project, but I never do, I start every tune from scratch, and every tune is a journey you know. I really love guitars, dub chords, reggae sounds and voices etc. So you definitely can expect more same feel things in future!

Your recent release on Phunkfiction records; The dreamer EP features some collaborations with some big names in the scene at the moment. How do you find working with these other artists?

Well, these tunes are really old. I made ‘Someone To Count On’ with Owen Clarity, I think a few years ago, when he hadn’t so much big release, and made a different kind of drum and bass music, more liquid. I always loved his works and I love this tune, one of my faves of all time. About Enei’s remix, I sent the original version of ‘Go To Nowhere’ to Alex and he said just ‘Wow, I should make a remix, cuz i love it’ 🙂 We made lots of tunes with him and I enjoy our work every time!

If there was one plugin/piece of hardware you couldn’t live without for your production, what would it be?

I use three things in every tune: EXS24 sampler, NI Massive for basses and Izotope Ozone for mixing. Just can’t live without this little monsters 🙂 Not sure about hardware, because I own only that I need – sound card, studio mixer, monitor speakers. But I want to try some hardware synth like Virus or Waldorf Blofeld, or Korg Monotribe. We’ll see.

Can you give us your top 10 tracks of the moment.

Electrosoul System – Outerheaven
EastColors – Murderer
Beta2 & Pete Joseph – love finds me
Detail & tiiu – Days go by
Enei & EastColors – 2012
Break – Who we are
Enei, EastColors & Noel – Cracker vip
EastColors – Dreamer
Does Not Compute – Going down
EastColors & Noel – Moonwalker